My Demon Episode 5

My Demon Episode 5: Gu-Won Is In Love But Will Get Betrayed! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

No doubt, Gu-won and Do-hee share a professional bond. However, the previous episode has seen a spark between them that will play a major role in the upcoming episode. Well, fans have seen that Do-hee has fallen for Gu-won. But after he rejects her proposal, things turn grave as the former makes a bold move. And her biggest decision will be seen in My Demon Episode 5. It will indeed leave Gu-won vulnerable, especially when he has started feeling different. Is he in love? On the other hand, the CEO’s death will bring some significant changes to the company. Let’s see what happens next.

My Demon Episode 5: Preview Hints At A Budding Romance!

Gu-won has conflicting thoughts after saving Do-hee from the goons. My Demon Episode 5 hints that he wonders whether he has feelings for her. But it isn’t acceptable for a demon like him. Hence, it begins to bother him a lot. To clear the air, he brings Do-hee home. While the latter seems confused with the changes in Gu-won, he tells her that he’s doing it out of concern. The eerie atmosphere of his home captures her attention. As she looked around, she noticed a shelf filled with clocks. She believes it is Gu-won’s hobby to collect them.

But all the clocks look the same, and the most interesting part is they have ten numbers on them. While she is unaware of the background, the pilot episode has already revealed that it shows a person’s lifespan. When their contract is done, the clock disappears automatically. While she looks around the shelves, she notices a diary with a blue light that captures her attention. However, Gu-won distracts her. Meanwhile, My Demon Episode 5 hints at Do-hee’s wedding. After Cheon-sook’s death, the company’s new CEO was hired, who proposed a business proposal.

However, it requires Do-hee to marry a chaebol’s son to expand their business. But My Demon Episode 5 will show that this business deal will affect Gu-won. He will wonder why she’s doing this, leading to a bickering moment. On the other hand, Do-hee will be surprised with his behavior. Is he in love?

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Do-hee proposing to Gu-won. Sadly, the latter rejected her, leaving her in a vulnerable position. But Do-he questioned him why he was following her. He responded that he wanted to keep private and work life separate, but since he was his bodyguard, it was his duty to follow him. The family then left the funeral while the paparazzi captured the pictures. They later reunited in Cheon-sook’s office, where they discussed the will. Everyone was shocked to learn about the changes in the will made by their mom. However, Cheon-sook’s son vowed to take things to the court and give her mom exactly what she had asked for by playing hardball.

My Demon Episode 5

As for Gu-won, he drove her home. She even asked him to forget about the proposal, but the former remained unbothered. His attitude then started annoying him. As soon as they reached the building, she left the car, leaving Cheon-sook’s letter behind. Gu-won rushed to give her the letter after noticing the letter but left the place when he overheard Do-hee’s conversation. However, it was later discovered that Gu-won’s family blamed her for the death. While the story focused on the legal battle, the mafia men approached Do-hee. But Gu-won used his power to make them dance. The episode then ended with the former doubting his feelings for Do-hee.

My Demon Episode 5: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will focus on Do-hee’s decision. Will he accept Gu-won’s proposal? You will soon learn it on My Demon Episode 5, which will air on December 8, 2023, at 10 pm KST. The K-drama follows a weekly release pattern, dropping two episodes on Friday and Saturday nights. For the local Korean audience, it’s available on SBS. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Netflix. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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