June 17, 2024

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Episode 10: Chaos Brews With Desir In Despair! WATCH HERE

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Episode 10

With a fierce clash in the previous episode, Desir and his team return with A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Episode 10. The previous episode has opened the door for the group to blend with the sorcerers. However, the situation will be intense now as the aftermath of the Desir and Azest clash will bring a new set of troubles to the table. Will it break their friendship? Whatever the case, fans are excited to learn what is aligned next for our hero. As anticipation builds, the new stills add more excitement to this battle and its result. Now, let’s see what happens next in the forthcoming episode.


A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Episode 10: Stills Hints At The Exam Result!

Although the exam is over, Desir will continue to face problems in the upcoming episode. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Episode 10, “Respite,” recently dropped the latest stills hinting at a massive blowout. Desir has done incredibly well in the exam, leaving Brigitte to wonder about his skills. Well, she’s the one who has introduced him to magic. And now, seeing him beating the alpha students will bring a sense of tranquility to her life. But the intense clash isn’t over, as the exam results are yet to be announced.

Surprisingly, A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Episode 10 will feature the result. That will reveal the aftermath of the clash. No doubt, Desir and his group will be level up, heading to the alpha class. However, this will create problems for Azest and her group. Although she was the only survivor of the clash, her fate remained limbo. This is because of her inability to fight against Desir. But the latest stills suggest that something bothers Desir. Can Azest help him? The episode will undoubtedly explore unforeseen plot twists, leaving Desir’s fate up in the air.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Desir and Azest face-off. The former asked whether she was having fun that frustrated her because she couldn’t beat Desir despite her top-notch skills. Furious Azest then unleashed her most critical spell, Frozen Throne, to end the face-off. She used the vision magic to create an ice barrier where she could use her full magic without limitations. But Desir inversed her trick, forcing her to use the magic sword. In the meantime, Percival and Doneta attacked Pram and Romantica. However, their pincer attack appeared weak in front of Romantica’s wind magic. As for Azest, she used her magical sword to attack Desir.

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Episode 10

However, the latter wiped off the clock tower’s magic power by using inversion on it. It then helped him clear the Shadow World and win the tournament. Later, Fergman accused Brigitte of cheating but failed to prove it because of the lack of evidence. Desir spoke about his strategy the following day and told Azest about the clock tower’s magic. After discussing his initial plan to vanish the alpha students, Desir then joined Pram and Romantica in Brigitte’s office. They later celebrated their victory, and Brigitte wondered about Desir’s skills. Meanwhile, Fergman plots his revenge plan.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Episode 10: Release Date

The next episode, titled “Respite,” will feature Desir’s promotion to the alpha class. Will it bring more trouble to his plate? You will soon learn it on A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Episode 10, which will air on December 10, 2023. The latest episode will be out at 12 am JST on Tokyo MX in Japan. It will also be simulcast on Crunchyroll in other regions. So, don’t miss it. Stay with TechRadar247 for more exciting updates.

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