February 29, 2024

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22: Corpse God Vs Civil! The Return Of Former Ally! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22

The recent Dead Mount Death Play episode was undoubtedly a rollercoaster ride as it dropped several bombshells on the protagonists. While the episode has paved the way for a furious battle, Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22 hints at Corpse God’s dark fate. He aims to protect the real Polka by defeating Civil and his enemies. But things will soon turn dark for his party when an unknown threat enters the picture. It will see Misaki in heroic action as she vows to undo her mistake. That will ultimately put her true powers to the test. But she isn’t alone in this battle and soon will encounter someone stronger than her. Keep reading to know that.


Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22: The Battle Takes An Intense Turn!

After learning that the real Polka is still alive, Misaki decides to protect him at any cost. Her attacking skills later attract all the antagonists’ attention, leaving Polka in Xiaoyu’s care. However, the latter remains startled to see Misaki can expand the domain that continues to create panic among their enemies. But her domain gets shaken after someone interferes in Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22, leaving Xiaoyu wondering about this individual. It will be later revealed that the elemental controller, Lulu, has stopped this menace.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22

She seems to pick her descendant, who later appears to be a little girl who appears afraid of her. Meanwhile, Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22 will feature a little background detail about Lulu and how she gets ceased. At the rooftop, the siblings learn that Polka really has a dragon arm and regrets cutting off his prosthetic hand. However, her brother has nothing to do with this matter. On the other hand, Corpse God continues to fight with Civil, who appears like Arius. He even uses the magic circle that Arius used to use.

It makes things miserable for Corpse God as he doesn’t want to fight against Arius. This fight will also appear guilt-driven when he refuses to seek the dead’s help. But Polka appears out of nowhere to protect him. They later share some words of wisdom in Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22, where Polka convinces Corpse God, aka Riz, to use him to defeat Civil, standing in between Riz and the magical circle.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode opened up with a big revelation: Misaki learned Polka was alive. Well, it surprised her as she regretted slaying him. As for the Corpse God, he tried to learn about the Civil origin. The latter complicated things for Polka as he shared similar physical characteristics with his former ally Arius Sabaramond. But their souls were incompatible. Corpse God still asserted that the two had a connection that he wanted to dive into. He and his friends also wished to rescue Polka. However, this created chaos but helped receive vital intel about the antagonists.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22

As the episode progressed, it saw Lulu, an elemental controller with a protective elemental partner, Soara. The latter quite resembled an assassin and had a history of magical transformation. With such powerful enemies, it became difficult for everyone to protect the genuine Polka. Although he had evolved over time, he was currently facing setbacks. Meanwhile, Fire-Breathing Bug entered the picture to create more problems for the hero, while Misaki still regretted her decision. She appeared to be dealing with the truth and her sins.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will intensify the battle between Corpse God and Civil. You can catch it on Dead Mount Death Play Episode 22, which will air on December 12, 2023, at midnight JST. The latest episode of the anime is available on AT-X, KBS Kyoto, Tokyo MX, and HTB in Japan. It will be simulcast on Crunchyroll for the global audience. Although the episode airs weekly, production issues can delay its release schedule. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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