All The Light We Cannot See Season 2

All The Light We Cannot See Season 2: Shawn Levy Says There’s “Hope” For A Sequel!

No doubt, we all love to binge-watch, but sometimes we just want to dedicate a couple of hours to it. For that, Netflix has a list of several series that fit the criteria. Among them is All The Light We Cannot See, the latest addition to historical drama. While the series just debuted on the platform, it has already created a buzz around the internet. With such hype about the drama, many wonder if Netflix will return with All The Light We Cannot See Season 2. It’s natural to hope for a sequel, especially when the creator is already discussing their plans for the next outing. So, is it returning for the next season? Keep reading to know what the creators have to say.

Based on Pulitzer Prize-winner Anthony Doerr’s novel of the same name, the series follows the lives of two teenagers during World War II. It is set in Europe, where Marie-Laure, a blind girl, and Werner Pfenning cross paths for the first time. However, at the beginning of World War II, she flees with her father in Paris while Werner is forced to join the military service to serve the Nazis in the war. While their fate is destined to explore two different paths, they end up meeting each other most dramatically. Are they together? Let’s see!

Is All The Light We Cannot See Season 2 Officially Renewed?

Netflix’s latest drama, All The Light We Cannot See, just aired on the streaming platform, and since then, it has been making waves among the audience. The series is an adaptation of Anthony Doerr’s novel of the same name. And its loyal fanbase is hoping to see their favorite characters back for All The Light We Cannot See Season 2. But will it get another season? Typically, the streaming giant takes almost a couple of months to renew a series. Since only a month has passed (as of December 2023), it doesn’t seem like Netflix will renew the series sooner.

All The Light We Cannot See Season 2

However, All The Light We Cannot See Season 2 is possible. The series did perform incredibly well in terms of reception. It has gained 7.6 stars out of 10 on IMDb with just a 28 percent drop in rating. But shockingly, the series failed to amaze the critics. This is because it performed poorly on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, gaining only 28 percent and 36 percent, respectively. Critics praised the choice to cast legally blind actors for the series. They even praised the remarkable performance of the lead characters and the visuals.

But they felt the series didn’t give justice to capturing the source material’s depth. It particularly leads to cutting short the dialogue, leading to criticism of the characterization. Further, the adaptation missed the novel’s signature style and didn’t explore the complexities of its Nazi-affiliated lead character. Although it earned the audience’s love, it failed to impress the critics. That can hinder the chance of All The Light We Cannot See Season 2.

But It Is Still In The Global Top Ten List

No doubt, the viewership chart plays a significant role in the renewal decision. As per the current list, All The Light We Cannot See has been viewed over 2,000,000 times. It has an average viewed hours of 7,600,000. Further, the series has been on Netflix’s top ten list for almost five weeks. It currently holds the eighth position and continues to grow in popularity. Currently, the series has been in the top ten in 30 counties. These include Chile, Canada, Argentina, Egypt, New Zealand, and Turkey. It has also topped in Europe in several countries. Thus, considering its popularity, there’s a high chance that All The Light We Cannot See Season 2 may return.

Finale Hints At Potential All The Light We Cannot See Season 2

All The Light We Cannot See Season 2

Although the series dropped all four episodes at once, it didn’t include all the details of the source material. This left fans wondering whether they could get another season. In the TV adaptation, Werner and Marie-Laure go on separate paths after she kills Reinhold von Rumphel. She then returned the prized gem, Sea of Flames, into the ocean. While the story ended with the lead characters walking on their separate paths, the book mentioned an entirely different arc. As per the novel, Werner killed Reinhold to protect his lady love.

Further, the book ending in 2014 showed Werner’s illness and death after being separated from Marie-Laure. It also focused on 30 years later when Marie-Laure met Werner’s sister Jutta. Their brief interaction showed the former living in Paris and was in her 80s. This left fans wondering if there’s hope for All The Light We Cannot See Season 2. Possibly, the creators intentionally left the series on such a note to make sure to return for another season. The series may return to provide more details about the character’s fate.

It may also focus on Werner’s life and how he died. Pain and grief can significantly affect All The Light We Cannot See Season 2. Further, the following season can focus on Marie-Laure’s life and the aftermath of her actions. With such an interesting plot remains to be explored, there’s a high possibility that the series will return to tie all the loose threads.

Chances Of All The Light We Cannot See Season 2

All The Light We Cannot See Season 2

As mentioned above, the series did leave a loose end to explore in the next outing. But there’s a catch! Netflix has already billed it as a limited series, hiding the chances of All The Light We Cannot See Season 2. Such a series generally follows the format of one-and-done. Since the drama has explored plenty of details of the source material, ending on a somewhat somber note, there’s a thin chance of its next installment. But again, Netflix hasn’t yet announced its decision. So, it remains unclear whether it will be in the series favor.

Further, there are certain shows that have resurrected and returned with several seasons despite being limited series. However, the decision is purely dependent on its performance. But since All The Light We Cannot See has maintained its position on Netflix’s Top Ten list, there’s a chance that the streaming platform will reconsider its decision. Being Steven Knight and Shawn Levy’s series, Netflix can review its decision and may return with season 2.

But Boss Hints At Possible Season 2

Despite being a limited series, Levy hopes to return for another season. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, he said they changed the narration of the TV series to add some “hope” to the drama. Though the first season didn’t have a happy ending, it did promise to return. Levy further addressed the changes in the storyline. He said the book had some deeply upsetting and bleak scenes that they didn’t include. And Anthony was actually supportive of their decision. According to the creators, those scenes might not make sense on screen as in the novel. Despite everything, Levy is still hopeful for All The Light We Cannot See Season 2.

All The Light We Cannot See Season 2

What do you think? Should Netflix return with All The Light We Cannot See Season 2? Comment down your thoughts below! This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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