Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11

Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11: Fate Returns To Save Lady Roxy, The Duel Incoming! WATCH HERE

After the massive battle with the crowned animals, Fate returns to save Lady Roxy again. Well, the highly anticipated Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11 will bring back the former foe. Things are getting intense when our hero faces new challenges that could reveal his true identity. Can he afford that? The previous episode has already hinted at his gruesome fate. Now, it remains to be seen how far the protagonist will go to bend everything. As for Lady Roxy, she will find herself at a crossroads. What is waiting for them? Keep reading!

Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11: Preview Teases Another Rescue Mission!

The latest stills of Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11 promises a face-off between Fate and Envy. The former will be challenged to a duel, and his skills will let him overcome the challenges easily. However, after the duel, he will again meet Roxy, bringing some peaceful memories. He will be more determined to learn about Roxy after noticing the necklace made of jewels, which he gifted. As for Roxy, she will be more interested in learning the truth behind Fate’s mask. This is because of his sword style, which reminds her of Aaron.

Things will soon turn darker in Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11 when a monster attacks Roxy. But again, Fate will be there to save the day. He will indulge in a battle that will bring the former foe back. The latest stills also hint at the appearance of Domain of E. Fate will enter the place to fight the warriors as equal as his strength. There, he will find someone closer to Roxy, bringing more issues to his plate. The episode also hints that the hero will save Roxy again, but he will reveal his identity in the process.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode saw Roxy in misery when a squad of soldiers went missing. The former then started a rescue operation. Meanwhile, Fate appeared determined to acquire a special type of magical crystal that could help him with his quest for the scabbard of greed. He came across a swarm of orcs during his quest. However, he defeated them with ease. Lady Roxy was lost in the wilderness as her compass failed to navigate because of the overcast weather. Her team was even unable to rely on the stars for navigation. So, the team decided to follow orc tracks.

Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11

Back to Fate, he saw a nightmare of a mysterious female surrounded by blood. Though he tried to relax, he had disturbing nightmares. He abruptly awakened just to see Lady Roxy and her party dealing with salamanders. Fortunately, he came in time to save them. But he noticed an odd sign on the crowned animals’ foreheads during his fight. They later parted ways, but just when Lady Roxy met another challenge, Fate appeared to save her and her team.

Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11: Release Date

The forthcoming episode, “Death March,” will reveal the mystery surrounding the signs. Is Eric behind it? You will learn it on Berserk Of Gluttony Episode 11, which will air on December 14, 2023, at 12 am JST. The local Japanese audience can stream it on Tokyo MX, BS11, and SUN TV. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Crunchyroll. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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