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Creature Season 2: Netflix Might Return With A Potential Sequel! Know Why?

There’s no denying that fantasy sci-fi is the most preferred genre, and Netflix’s latest series, Creature, has just increased the audience’s craving for more. Since its debut, it has left the audience with several brutal yet interesting questions, and now they wonder whether it will return with Creature Season 2. With Ziya learning about the Book of Resurrection and trying to deal with immortality, the show has undoubtedly left an unexceptional mark in the audiences’ minds. Is there any chance for the next installment? Unfortunately, we have bittersweet news for the fans. So, without wasting time, let’s head straight to see what the future holds for the Turkish drama.

Netflix’s Turkish drama Creature follows the darker side of the universe and greed. It tells the story of Ziya, who tries to unearth the mystery of the universe and mythical creatures. Initially, the show begins with fundamental questions about “death and beyond.” That continues to trigger Ziya, who wants to cure people in the forthcoming epidemics. But he later learns that his medicine isn’t that helpful, leading him to delve deeper into the mystical world. While the series is loosely based on Frankenstein, it explores a whole new world, focusing on remorse and guilt.

Is Creature Season 2 Renewed?

Turkish fantasy drama Creature debuted in October 2023 and soon left everyone to ask the most challenging question about humanity. While it left everyone wondering about the changing world, fans also pondered whether it would return with another season. This gritty and intense drama dropped its eight episodes altogether to let the audience binge-watch. But now everyone is craving for Creature Season 2. So, will Netflix return with another season? Well, two months have already passed. But the streaming giant hasn’t yet made an official announcement about the show.

Creature Season 2

It has been seen that Netflix takes a few months to decide the future of the series based on its viewership. The streaming giant has yet to reveal the official viewership chart of Creature. So, it remains unclear when Netflix will announce its decision. But one thing to note is that the streaming giant hasn’t yet canceled the series. So, there’s a chance for Creature Season 2. However, the series isn’t critically acclaimed. This is because it failed to attract the expected global audience’s attention. That can hinder the chance of its return.

As per the IMDb, the series has only gained 6.9 stars out of 10. Well, it’s not that bad, especially when it comes to Turkish drama. The pilot episode received 6.4 stars, while the second episode saw a hike in rating. The fifth episode even appeared as the most-watched and highly acclaimed episode of the series, gaining 8.3 stars. However, the show saw a drop in ratings just then, garnering only 7.7 stars on IMDb in the final episode. So, it can significantly influence the future of Creature Season 2.

But It Did Enter The Global Top Ten

There’s no doubt Turkish drama has a separate fanbase, and when it comes to an apocalyptic world, people don’t think twice about binge-watching it. The Creature has proved its worth soon after its debut. The series remained in Netflix’s Global Top Ten in the Non-English category for almost two weeks. In the last week of October 2023, the series was in the top ten in Bulgaria, Mexico, Hungary, Kuwait, Pakistan, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, it remained in the top ten in Turkey for almost seven weeks while in Slovakia for just two weeks. Thus, it gives fans some hope that Creature Season 2 can happen.

Will Creature Season 2 Return?

Although the global charts suggest Creature Season 2 can happen, it has a slim chance of returning to the streaming giant. This is because Netflix has already announced Creature as a limited series. Since the series is billed as a miniseries, it hinders the possibility of the next season, as such series doesn’t receive additional installments. It is always meant to follow a one-and-done style. But there’s a catch! The Creature did manage to leave a loose thread to explore in the next season. Although it had a perfect beginning, middle, and end, the series left Ziya’s fate in the air.

After learning about the Book of Resurrection, the mad scientist Ziya decided to conduct an experiment to discover whether the myth was true. He sought Ihsan’s help in this, which later led to the latter’s death. However, Ziya never lost hope and worked to the end to resurrect Ihsan, and he finally succeeded in it. While learning about the mystery of the universe, the duo lost many close ones and pushed Asiye and Muzaffer’s life into the dark. In the end, Ihsan failed to save Ziya, leading to the latter’s death.

But there’s a hope that someday someone will find this Book of Resurrection to bring Ziya back to life. It needs Creature Season 2 to explore this arc. So, there’s a possibility Netflix will pick the series for the next outing to explore this angle. If this happens, it will create more problems in Ziya’s life and an imbalance of harmony.

Also, Netflix Can Resurrect Creature

Creature Season 2

We have already mentioned that the cliffhanger can lead to Creature Season 2. However, the streaming giant can also order the next batch of episodes. It’s entirely dependent on the viewership chart. There are several series that were initially billed as limited series but were renewed for many seasons. Indeed! An example is Ryan Murphy’s The Watcher and Monster series. The performance undoubtedly plays a crucial role, so the series has to be highly successful on the streaming platform to revive.

Currently, it doesn’t seem like that will be the case with the Turkish drama. But Netflix hasn’t made the viewership available. In fact, the series did manage to enter the top ten list. Considering this, there’s a possibility that Netflix may return with Creature Season 2. But till then, let’s wait until Netflix makes an official announcement.

Creature Season 2: Release Date

Creature Season 2

As mentioned above, Netflix hasn’t yet announced Season 2. But it will soon make its decision. Speaking of the Creature Season 2 release date, it won’t be out till 2024. This is because production will take a few months to wrap up. Since the series is sci-fi, it will take longer to conclude its post-production work. So, considering this, we expect the series to be out later in 2024 or early in 2025 (if it gets renewed). This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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