Days of Our Lives: Holly Stirs Up A Disaster When Johnny Ditches Her For Chanel

We know that not so little anymore Holly, has developed a crush on Johnny on Days of Our Lives. Moreover, the fact that he is now her step-brother seems to have no impact on her feelings for the hottie at all. For weeks now she has been trying to gain his attention, but the lack of it this week is going to create some major drama in the DiMera household. Will it end up in an uncontrollable disaster? Find out below!

Holly Craves To Spend Alone-Time With Johnny

Sure, Holly is a total smitten kitten with Johnny at the moment on Days of Our Lives. However, there is a possibility that her issues run much deeper than that. Christmas is just a whisper away, and so is her birthday on the soap. But she feels a deep sense of loneliness. The fact that her mother Nicole and step-dad EJ are fully focused on mourning the loss of their baby, isn’t helping either. Thus, it makes sense why she is fixating so much on Johnny.

DOOL/ Johnny and Holly spend time together

All she wants right now is to spend time with him and have his full attention on her on Days of Our Lives. The spoilers reveal that in the week of December 18, 2023 Holly’s hopes for romance with Johnny are renewed when he insists on celebrating her birthday. Of course, in his head he is looking at it as sibling duty. Johnny sees Holly as nothing more than a sister. He truly can’t see that she has a crush on him. Thus, he only sees them as sharing sibling moments with each other. Much to her disappointment ofcourse.

Johnny Ditches Holly’s Party For Chanel on Days of Our Lives

As far as Johnny is concerned, his heart belongs to Chanel on Days of Our Lives. So, when Chanel calls him to tell that she is heading to the hospital. To get Paulina a check up from the doctor, he drops Holly’s party planning. Johnny deserts his step-sis and heads to the hospital to support his lady love. This completely shatters Holly’s heart and she helps herself to some, er, a lot of booze from the DiMera home-bar.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Johnny goes to meet Chanel

Later, a sloshed and upset Holly drunk dials Johnny and verbally bashes him on Days of Our Lives. She vents that he left her alone on her birthday and acts out, leaving Johnny really concerned. Chanel then urges Johnny to head back home and take care of a distraught Holly before she does anything stupid. However, the spoilers hint that it might be late for johnny to stop Holly by the time he gets home. So what new disaster do you think Holly would have stirred up? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more Days of Our Lives updates on this!


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