Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (December 18-29, 2023): Theresa Exposed, Alex and Xander’s Paternity Truth Revealed

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (December 18-29, 2023): Theresa Exposed, Alex and Xander’s Paternity Truth Revealed

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (December 18-29, 2023), reveal that exciting times wait ahead for the viewers. Some really long kept secrets will spill out. An expose will bring a mighty Kiriakis crashing down, while bringing another probable Kiriakis in the spotlight. Also, watch out for Leo’s manipulative mommy making a return to Salem. But what tricks does she have up her sleeves this time? Keep reading to find out!

Lucas and Harris Team Up, Andrew Exposes Theresa

Harris is completely committed to eradicating the drug rings from Salem on Days of Our Lives. However, for the purpose he needs someone inside the Statesville prison to feed him intel. The latest spoilers reveal that Harris will tap into Lucas for help, and the latter will readily agree. Perhaps in the light of the fact that he and Clyde are sworn enemies. But will be the impact of it on all parties involved?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Will Lucas be able to help Harris?

Will Harris get enough intel to corner Clyde? Moreover, what will happen when he finds out that Ava too, in involved in the drug front on Days of Our Lives. Another thing that is of significance here is the power Clyde holds behind bars. If he finds out that Lucas is working towards his downfall, will he attack him? Stay tuned to find out!

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Theresa is walking on very-very thin ice. Especially, after the kidnapping stunt she pulled with baby Victoria at Konstantin’s behest might cause her ultimate downfall. During the week of December 18-22, 2023, Andrew corners her and demands to know why she did what she did. Denying it won’t do her any good, as Andrew has found solid proof. Thus, viewers can expect Theresa to make a full confession about what she and Konstantin have been trying to pull off. What will Andrew do now? Will he expose Theresa to everyone?

DOOL/ Andrew confronts Theresa

Days of Our Lives Spoilers (December 25-29, 2023): Leo Has An Unexpected Visitor, Alex and Xander Learn Their Paternity

The week of December 25, 2023, will open with Leo Stark opening the door to a very unexpected visitor on Days of Our Lives. Long time viewers will remember the manipulative yet enthralling – Diana Colville. For the unversed, she is Leo’s birth mother. The last time we saw her in Salem was back in 2019, when she had tried to claim that Leo was her son with John Black. However, that claim turned out to be bogus.

The latest spoilers reveal that she arrives in Salem in the upcoming Days of Our Lives episodes to spill yet more secrets. Some information that have the potential to completely flip over Leo and John’s life. But what could this secret be? Moreover, can she really be trusted as far as the authenticity of her words are concerned? We’ll have to wait and find out!

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Leo’s mother is back

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of December 25-28, 2023, reveal that the foundations of the Kiriakis clan will yet again be shook. Many lives were turned upside down when the letter in Victor’s briefcase revealed Alex as his secret bio son. However, we know that isn’t the truth. Konstantin and Theresa manipulated the letter to make it look like it was Alex, while in reality it is Xander.

However, now Andrew knows the truth and will reveal it all to the Kiriakis family on Days of Our Lives. Xander too, will find out his true connection to Victor. But of course, Alex once again will be the worse affected of all. Thankfully, he still has his real father – Justin by his side. So watch out for some really emotional and intense scenes involving Justin, Alex and Xander! Until then, stay tuned to for more Days of Our Lives updates!

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