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Neon Season 2: Boss Says “In Talks” About Sophomore Run Amid Dripping Hint About The Major Guest Star!

Netflix’s latest comedy series, Neon, just hit the streaming platform and soon became one of the most talked about topics on the internet. While the series fans look forward to Neon Season 2, the streaming giant’s decision might not favor the series. Why? Just like many series, Neon has also become the victim of a Hollywood strike. That could make things difficult for the series. But wait! The series director recently revealed the most anticipated update about the next season, suggesting the series could return. Are they in the talking phase? While the on-screen drama and cliffhanger have already played a massive role in keeping the audiences on their toe, the off-screen story will leave you in awe. So, keep reading to know the fate of Neon Season 2.

Created by Shea Serrano and Max Searle, Neon is a slice-of-life drama. It focuses on a trio of friends who relocate to Miami to follow their dreams. Santi, a reggaeton artist, dreams of showcasing his skills to the world. In his journey, his two best friends, Felix and Vanessa, help him to take off his career. But something tragic takes place, leaving their lives upside-down. While Santi navigates all the challenges, the situation gets tense in the end. Now the question arises: Will he ever achieve his goal? Let’s see!

Is Neon Season 2 Renewed?

Netflix dropped its comedy series Neon in early October 2023. While it’s been over two months, the streaming platform hasn’t yet decided for the second season. Well, it’s known that Netflix generally takes some time to announce its decision. But this time, the SAG-AFTRA and WGA writers’ strike have played a pivotal role in many series cancelations. Hollywood has been facing a chaotic time due to the strike. While both strikes have been resolved, they did impact the production delays. This further led to a delay in the renewal of Neon Season 2.

Neon Season 2

While the decision is currently pending, many are deeply skeptical about Neon Season 2 being renewed. This is because of the lack of promotion and other parameters. It appears that Netflix isn’t looking forward to continuing with Neon. Further, the series didn’t manage to feature in the top 10s in the first week of its debut. But according to FlixPatrol – they track the series’ rank over 90 global regions – it suggested it secured the 24th position globally. The series also featured in 16 countries. Thus, there’s a chance for Neon Season 2.

On IMDb as well, the series was the 793’s most popular title. However, the viewership rating dropped with time, and currently, it only holds 5.1 stars out of 10. But the audience loved the show as it gained 83 percent positive viewership on Rotten Tomatoes, suggesting Neon Season 2 could return. Netflix hasn’t yet revealed the viewership, so it’s unclear whether the streaming giant will return with the following season.

But The Director Hints At Possible Neon Season 2

Although Netflix hasn’t announced its decision, the series director, Oz Rodriguez, opened up about the potential season 2. During an interview with CinemaBlend, Oz said he and his teams have already planned Neon Season 2. They didn’t start the writing work officially, but they did have plans for the next season. While filming the first season, they discussed how it would look like Santi would go in the next season and what he would do. Further, they have plans for Ness and how the group’s storyline will be played off. There is plenty of stuff left to be explored in the upcoming chapter.

Neon Season 2

So, he wishes to return to explore the reggaeton world. The team is still discussing their plans for the next run. But the decision is entirely on Netflix’s hands. Will the streaming giant return with Neon Season 2? Although it’s too early to decide the fate of the series, the cliffhanger hints at a possible return. The finale ended with Santi learning about his faux girlfriend, Isa. He tried his best to reclaim his own song but was later blacklisted at the end. While this news saddened the group, they were glad to reconcile. However, the closing moment saw massive changes in the end.

The legendary Daddy Yankee heard Santi’s songs. Soon after, he called the aspiring singer to collaborate. While the show ended positively, there’s hope for Neon Season 2. Santi’s storyline is yet to be explored, and it will further reveal whether he will achieve his goal. Again, the decision lies in the streaming platform’s hands. But Oz believes they can return with more dramatic storylines, which could fire up the characters’ world.

Neon Season 2: Possible Storyline! 

As mentioned above, the first season ended on a positive note when Daddy Yankee heard Santi’s songs. After this, he will eventually call the singer to collaborate with him. While Santi’s life seems to get on the normal track, he will soon hit rock bottom. This is because the shift in his career will bring trouble in the trio’s life. He will be determined to focus on himself, avoiding his friends’ dreams. On the other hand, Ness and Felix have realized their dreams. They didn’t want to follow Santi’s path.

So, the duo will eventually head on their individual journey. While Neon Season 2 will focus more on the career side, this will eventually separate the trio, leading to conflicts and disagreements. Further, considering the first season’s drug-dealing story arc, there’s a chance that the trio will again end up in such a dramatic situation. It can make things miserable for them, forcing them to amend. A mix of all that, the upcoming season can feature new drama and groovy tracks.

Cast Details Of Neon Season 2

No doubt, if Netflix returns with another season, Tyler Dean Flores will return as Santi. Besides him, Emma Ferreira as Ness/Vanessa and Jordan Mendoza as Felix will also return. While it remains unclear who else will return, there’s a chance that a few of the first-season characters might show up. These include Courtney Taylor as Mia, Genesis Rodriguez as Isa, Jhayco as Javier, Santiago Cabrera, Jordana Brewster as Gina, and Alycia Pascual-Pena. Jota Rosa, Villano Antillano, Jon Z, Ken-Y, Scooter Braun, and Daddy Yankee will likely return.

While many familiar faces will return, some new faces will also show up. Oz recently spilled that he’s planning to add more real-life celebrities. The filmmaker also said that Neon Season 2 might see a Puerto Rican Grammy winner. He said the artist’s name starts with a B and laughs before revealing the future of the next season. While it remains unclear who will return, it seems like Bad Bunny – whose birth name is Benito Ocasio will join the show.

Neon Season 2: Release Date

Neon Season 2

As of now, the streaming giant has yet to announce the series fate. But it seems like Netflix will soon make its decision. Speaking about the Neon Season 2 release date, it remains unclear when the series will return. But if it gets renewed in a couple of months, it will take almost six to seven months to wrap up production. Considering this, season 2 could return sometime in 2025. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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