February 22, 2024

Bodies Season 2: Boss Calls It A “One-And-Done” Series Yet Hints At Potential Sequel!

Bodies Season 2

Bodies combined the concepts of detectives, crime, and time travel, and it was the perfect recipe for a great show. Consequently, the first season’s final has left fans wanting Bodies Season 2. However, the cliffhanger ending has resulted in many questions in the minds of fans. What is the fate of Elias? Will the upcoming season see detectives work together to stop KYAL? There are many loose ends and unanswered questions about the gritty detective show. Moreover, fans are curious if there will be a follow-up season. And guess what? We have the answers for you. So, keep reading as we unravel these mysteries.


Bodies is a Netflix Original Series that premiered on October 19, 2023. The show is based on Si Spencer’s graphic novel of the same name. The series follows the events that unfold when a dead body appears at the same location in four different years. As a result, the show offers the perfect blend of sci-fi and crime. Evidently, fans want more of the mind-bending series. For fans, there have been some updates regarding what lies ahead for the series. Is Bodies Season 2 on its way? Let’s find out.

Has Bodies Season 2 Been Announced?

Following the first season, the anticipation for updates about Bodies Season 2 has reached new heights. This is unsurprising, as the show provides a gripping narrative and leaves fans on the edge of their seats. Consequently, the show is currently one of the most-watched series on Netflix. However, the streaming giant has yet to make an official announcement regarding the show’s future. Hence, fans will have to wait a bit more until Netflix gives the green light to Season 2.

Bodies Season 2
Bodies, Netflix

Creator Shares Disappointing News!

After the first season hit Netflix, the creator and writer of the series, Paul Tomalin, shared some insights about the show’s future. In a recent interview, he explained how the show was written to be a limited series. Further, he shared how they pitched Bodies to Netflix as a one-and-done series. Since the series has an amazing concept, he wanted to solve it and not keep the fans waiting. The writer also expressed how he hates it when a great show ends without solving things and keeps fans waiting for years for the next installment.

From the creator’s statements, it seems likely that we will not get another season of the detective show. Moreover, he explained how the character arcs have ended. However, the possibility of Bodies Season 2 is not entirely out of the window yet. Tomalin stated that if the show does exceptionally well, and the fans support and demand another season, they might consider it. Additionally, the creators went ahead with a cliffhanger ending in case they decide to go ahead with season two. So, the chances for the next season are slightly high.

What Is Bodies About?

Bodies mixes different genres for fans curious about the detective show to captivate the audiences with its mysteries, characters, and plots. Well, the show is set in four different years: 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053. In each of these years, detectives are involved in the investigation of a dead body. However, the twist in the series occurs when the corpse turns out to be of the same person at the exact location. This incident intertwines the lives of the detectives across time. Later it reveals that the antagonist of the show, Elias Mannix, travels back in time to execute his evil plan. What is this plan? He wants his evil cult, KYAL, to take over the country. In order to do that, he plans on exploding a massive bomb in London in the year 2023.

Bodies Season 2

Consequently, the detectives work together to stop him. Finally, the 2053 versions of Shahara and Iris succeed in preventing the bomb from exploding. As a result, Elias and the future Shahara are erased from history, but all isn’t over yet. In the final scene, we see Shahara as a passenger in a cab. The twist occurs when the show reveals the driver to be Iris from the future, and the London sky is illuminated with the KYAL logo.

What Could The Plot Of Bodies Season 2 Be?

The nail-biting first season left the audience imagining what could happen in Bodies Season 2. Well, the show’s ending clearly left fans with a lot of questions. However, if a season 2 were to happen, fans would likely get to see these questions answered. The following season might see the truth behind KYAL revealed and the detectives working together to erase the evil cult.

Cast Of Bodies Season 2!

The official cast is unknown since the producers have yet to confirm a second season. However, it is probable that we will see the main characters return for Bodies Season 2. Amaka Okafor, Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, and Shira Hass will continue their roles as Shahara Hasan, Charles Whiteman, and Iris Maplewood, respectively. In a recent interview, actor Amaka Okafor expressed how she desires to return to the show even though Bodies is a limited series. Whether Stephen Graham will return as Elias Mannix is a mystery. Now, only time will tell if the antagonist will make a comeback. Paul Tomalin created the original Netflix series. Additionally, he served as the executive producer along with Marco Kreuzpaintner, Will Gould, and Frith Tiplady.

Bodies Season 2

When Will Bodies Season 2 Release?

Fans are eagerly waiting for updates about Bodies Season 2. However, the streaming network has yet to officially renew the show for a second season. Moreover, the creator made the first season with the intention of wrapping up the series within the eight episodes. But, all hope is not lost as the show might make a comeback if it gets the traction and push from fans.

Netflix and Paul Tomalin hit the nail on the head by creating one of the most binge-worthy shows. Consequently, fans are enthusiastic and hopeful that Bodies Season 2 will be announced soon and return to entertain viewers once again. Follow Techradar247 for more updates about Bodies.

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