Days of Our Lives: Andrew Returns and exposes Theresa! Alex and Xander React to True Paternity

Theresa and Konstantin planned a pretty neat but sinister ploy on Days of Our Lives. Their plan of installing Alex as the Kiriakis heir using a botched up letter worked flawlessly. However, just because it “worked” does not mean it will “stick” forever. Especially, because the plan falling apart will call for some really intense drama. And isn’t that what DOOL is all about? In fact, the spoilers say that a mega expose might takeover the screen soon! So keep reading to find out all about it!

Andrew Donovan Uncovers Theresa’s Secret

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Andrew Donovan is back in Salem. However, the detective is not in town for reunions or celebrations, but to corner his sister. After going through the surveillance footage his father received, Andrew realized that Theresa was Konstantin’s accomplice in baby Victoria’s kidnapping. In the upcoming episodes, he asks his sister what is she really up to. Appalled at the fact that he believed her to be reformed but apparently she isn’t.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Theresa tries to manipulate Andrew

In a bid to save herself, Theresa chooses to lie and spin a tale on Days of Our Lives. She tells her brother that she was only trying to play cupid between Maggie and Konstantin. Moreover, she insists that she holds no malice in her heart and her intentions were good. Andrew seems convinced but warns Theresa that he has his eyes on her. One wrong move and he will bust her. Theresa breaths a sigh of relief. But how long will that relief last. Because the spoilers for the week of December 25, 2023, spill that the whole truth comes out!

Xander and Alex Learn Their True Paternity on Days of Our Lives

Alex really felt his whole life fall apart on Days of Our Lives when he learnt that Victor was real father and not Justin. He felt, cheated, betrayed, and broken. However, eventually he embraced the truth and started his life with a fresh perspective. Unfortunately for him. he is about to take yet another blow to his existence. The spoilers reveal that later in December, 2023, he will learn that Konstantin and Theresa forged the letter in Victor’s briefcase. Thus, clarifying that Justin after all, is Alex’s bio dad.

DOOL/ Will Xander and Alex clash over their true paternity

Other Days of Our Lives spoilers say that initially Alex will feel crippled by the blow. But thankfully, he will have Justin’s support to get through the upheaval. Xander, on the other hand, will be blown by the truth. This is something that he never saw coming. Indeed, he has always felt a connection with Victor, but he never imagined that that connection could be biological. So it will be interesting to watch how he reacts to the truth bomb.

Furthermore, who do you think will expose the whole truth? Will it be Andrew? Since he already knows half of it and has his suspicions. Or will it be Steve and Sarah? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Techradar247 for more Days of Our Lives updates.


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