February 29, 2024

The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12: Lord Shadow Vs. Archfiend Ragnarok! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12

Everything changed after Mordred activated the Black Rose, making things dramatic for Shadow Garden. However, his move created chaos for them as they lacked time to save the Oriana Kingdom. While things are getting problematic, The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12 hints at the highly anticipated battle between Lord Shadow and Mordred. With the latter’s summoning power, he can now summon the greatest villains of all time. The latest preview clip hints that the demon will wipe off half of the kingdom, leaving Rose to make a bold decision. Will she escape the place to save herself? Keep reading to know the fate of the kingdom.


The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12: Preview Hints At A Brutal Fight

Mordred has already activated the Black Rose, but Lord Shadow managed to sever the Archfiend Ragnarok’s left arm. However, the latest preview of The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12, titled “Highest,” hints that the lost arm is regenerated. This time, it appears in superior condition, indicating a massive battle between Shadow and Ragnarok. It will ultimately reflect Shadow’s powers and reveal his newfound technique, Ususemi no Atomic. As per the light novel, this technique helps him to transform and split his sword into nine dragon-like slashes.

This allows him to attack a specific part of his target. It will ultimately put an end to this battle. But since Shadow is busy dealing with Ragnarok, the other members of Shadow Garden will join forces to attack Black Rose and Mordred. The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12 will also see Rose taking her role as 666. She will return as one of the Shadow Garden members to protect her people. Luckily, the members will forgive her and let her in. It will later feature an intense battle that will ultimately reveal the fate of the Oriana Kingdom.

A Quick Recap!

The previous episode began with Shadow Garden sneaking into a cult facility, only to be discovered that the relic was gone. Cid decided to help Rose and planned to rescue Reina. But he later overheard the latter and Perv’s plan to kill the Princess after the wedding. Cid then appeared as Shadow and revealed Reina and Perv’s true face and their sex clip. Later, he appeared as himself and asked Rose about her decision, hoping she would follow the vengeance path. But he accidentally left the ring behind, letting Rose believe it was his gift.

The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12

Meanwhile, Perv learned that the ring was missing and hid this news from Mordred. Rose refuses to marry Perv at the wedding ceremony and accidently exposes his identity. She puts on the ring, hoping to earn its powers. But it instead unlocked her father’s video accusing Perv of treason and letting the people trust Rose. They later crowned her as their next queen. While she ordered Perv’s arrest, he and Queen Reina were beheaded by Mordred. He accidently received the powers from the missing relic as the ring activated the Black Rose and summoned Archdemon Ragnarok. Surprisingly, Cid appeared as Lord Shadow and chopped off Ragnarok’s arm.

The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12: Release Date

The upcoming episode, “Highest,” will continue with the battle between Shadow and Ragnork. Can Shadow save the city? You will learn it on The Eminence In Shadow Season 2 Episode 12, which will air on December 20, 2023, at 10:30 pm JST. The audience in Japan can binge-watch the anime on TV Aichi, Tokyo MX, and AT-X. As for the global audience, they can stream it on HIDIVE. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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