Days of Our Lives: Paul Teffler Reveals New Details About Xarah Reunion

Days of Our Lives: Paul Teffler Reveals New Details About Xarah Reunion

Welcome back to the exciting world of Days of Our Lives. Here, love, lies, and family drama create a truly fascinating story. In the midst of all the emotional ups and downs, there’s one couple that really catches our attention. Meet Xander and Sarah, whose love story is about to take an unexpected turn. Let’s dive into their relationship and see how they ended up celebrating a heartwarming Christmas with the Horton family.

Days of Our LivesThe Unlikely Reunion

Xander and Sarah’s love story in Days of Our Lives has faced some tough times. But this time, thanks to a twist from Konstantin, things took a surprising turn. His baby-kidnapping plan convinced the arguing parents to stop fighting. They came together to raise their daughter, Victoria, with love. This unexpected twist led to the reopening of their own love story. It culminated in a warm Christmas celebration with the Horton family. Imagine one of Salem’s most giving families extending a warm welcome. This family embraces a man with a troubled past, once utilized by Victor for the dirty work he avoided.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/Xander and Sarah came together to raise their daughter

In an exclusive chat with the actors of Days of Our Lives, Paul Telfer and Linsey Godfrey, we delved into Xander’s character. Meanwhile, he’s a guy who knows how to handle tricky situations, often relying on his charm. We also talked about Xander’s long list of crimes, from serious ones to smaller offenses, leaving chaos behind. Telfer and Godfrey playfully pointed out that the town tends to give Xander more leeway than he maybe deserves. This is in contrast to the judgment Sarah faces for not quickly forgiving him. The actors shared a laugh about the amusing idea that Xander seems to have a long leash while others are more cautious.

The Lovable Rogue

Xander, despite his criminal past, remains a lovable rogue. Despite doing some really bad things, he manages to win the hearts of the people in Salem. Can a guy with a bad reputation find redemption as he takes on the unexpected role of a father with Sarah in Days of Our Lives, becoming part of the Horton family? Telfer jokingly expressed concerns for the future men in Victoria’s life. He imagined a unique parenting style that only Xander could bring. Our chat took a fun turn. Telfer suggested the unusual parenting advice Xander might give to his new daughter, starting with teaching her to smuggle diamonds.


While not the most honorable idea, it adds a quirky twist to the story. Godfrey joined in, imagining a scenario where Xander shares his unique wisdom with Victoria through Zoom calls from prison. This situation is as unconventional as the character himself. As the story unfolds and Xander takes on the unexpected role of a father, the Days of Our Lives universe promises more twists and turns. Undoubtedly, there will be moments of laughter along the way. Also, stay tuned, soap opera fans, as Salem’s most interesting characters continue to navigate the fine line between love and chaos in the ever-evolving world of Days of Our Lives. Keep coming back to for all the latest Days of Our Lives updates.

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