Days of Our Lives: Carson Boatman Welcomes Baby Girl With Wife

Days of Our Lives: Carson Boatman Welcomes Baby Girl With Wife

In the magical world of soap operas, where stories unfold like captivating tales, let’s explore the heartwarming journey of Carson Boatman and Julana Dizon. These beloved soap stars, known for their on-screen charisma, have a real-life love story that recently welcomed a new star: their adorable daughter, Ava Rey. Picture the joy of these soap opera sweethearts as they transition from scripted romance to the real-life adventure of parenting. Today, we shine a spotlight on little Ava Rey, the newest addition to their story, bringing love, laughter, and a touch of soap opera magic into their lives.

A Happy Moment in 2021

In the grand tapestry of life, Carson Boatman and Julana Dizon tied the knot in 2021. Their love story was cast in the warm glow of married happiness. Little did they know that their journey would soon take an extraordinary turn. It brought in a new chapter that proved to be as exciting as the most interesting soap opera stories of Days of Our Lives. On December 18, 2023, the soap opera world witnessed the arrival of its newest star. Ava Rey Boatman made her debut, bringing a new chapter of joy and excitement.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/Carson Boatman, Julana Dizon and their daughter

Meanwhile, this bright addition to the Boatman-Dizon family made her debut in the City of Angels. She weighed a strong 8 lbs., 5 oz., and measured a perfect 19 inches long—truly a star in the making. In an exclusive chat with People, the happy parents enjoyed the sheer joy of being parents. Carson and Julana exclaimed, “We are both absolutely over the moon about starting our family and being new parents!” Their joy resonates with fans who have closely followed their journey, both scripted and unscripted.

Days of Our Lives: A Name with Meaning

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Ava Rey’s name carries layers of significance. “Ava” pays tribute to a character in Days of Our Lives, creating a delightful link to the soap opera world. Meanwhile, the middle name “Rey” stands as a heartfelt tribute. It honors Julana’s late father, Reynaldo Dizon, whose bravery in battling lung cancer left a lasting mark on their hearts. 

The story of Carson and Julana’s love began in 2016, a tale spun by fate and a gym trainer-turned-matchmaker. Also, fast forward to their second anniversary in 2021, and the couple celebrated the magic of marriage. Carson, in an Instagram tribute, promised “free piggy backs for life,” capturing the enduring playfulness of their connection.

Furthermore, as fans speculate on the unfolding drama in Days of Our Lives, Carson Boatman took to Instagram. He gave a sneak peek into their real-life storyline. “Christmas came early this year. We are so in love with our sweet baby girl, Ava Rey,” he joyously declared, officially embracing the cherished title of #girldad. 

In the ever-changing story of soap operas, Carson and Julana’s off-screen journey serves as a heartfelt reminder. Amidst the scripted twists, real love, boundless joy, and new beginnings continue to blossom. Stay tuned to for all the latest Days of Our Lives updates.

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