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Days of Our Lives Preview For The Week of December, 25, 2023: Sloan Fumes As Eric Spends Time With Nicole, Holly and Jude

Days of Our Lives Preview For The Week of December, 25, 2023, reveal that this festive season Sloan gets a glimpse of what a perfect family looks like. Unfortunately, she is not a part of that. Meanwhile, Alex gives up his stubbornness and participates in the Kiriakis Christmas Dinner, alongside Maggie and Justin. Could the father and son put aside their awkwardness. Find out below!

Harris and Ava Share A Special Moment, Sloan sees Nicole and Eric

Things have been a little tense between new lovers – Harris and Ava on Days of Our Lives. However, it looks like the festive season is smiling upon then as the preview video shows them warming up again. Harris gives Ava a beautiful necklace and she is deeply touched by the gesture. She thanks him for the gift and he expresses how beautiful she looks. The two then proceed to share a gentle and warm moment. Looks like their relationship is about to get back right on track.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Ava and Harris share a sweet moment

Days of Our Lives spoilers show that Nicole decides to spend some mother daughter time with Holly after her disastrous birthday. Holly realizes her mistake and takes Holly out for breakfast. However, at the cafe they bump into Eric and Jude, and join their table. Leo and Sloan also chance upon the same cafe and spot Nicole and Eric together. Leo rubs it into Sloan’s face by pointing how perfect their family looks together. Thus, instilling a huge fear in Sloan’s heart.

Days of Our Lives Preview: Alex Joins The Kiriakis Christmas Dinner, Holly and Tate Go On A Date

Ever since Alex found out that he is Victor’s secret son, things have been terrible. He has been on the ousts with the entire Kiriakis clan. However, Days of Our Lives preview video shows that in the week of December 25, 2023, Alex has a change of heart. He joins the Kiriakis Christmas dinner with Theresa as his plus one. In the video, Alex and Maggie share a warm embrace and then the entire family raises a toast for Victor. Other spoilers reveal that Justin and Alex still share some awkwardness. Will they be able to overcome that this Christmas?

DOOL/ Alex attends the Kiriakis Christmas dinner

Days of Our Lives preview video shows that Holly and Kate go for their first date in the week of December 25, 2023. Tate arrives to pick Holly, who comes out looking like a 11 on 10 in a stunning dress. As expected, Tate in blown. He can’t stop himself from repeatedly mouthing “wow” at Holly. Nicole teases the young lad by reminding him that he has already said so once. Later, Holly apologizes to Tate and says that if she was in his place she wouldn’t give another chance. Smitten-kitten Tate asks if she is asking for one.

Thus, suggesting that he is obviously willing to give her another chance. Looks like the two youngsters are about to start a cute new teen romance. Are you looking forward to it? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to for more Days of Our Lives updates on what fate holds for them.


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