I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2: Gets Secretly Greenlight!? Netflix Says “It’s Not Over Yet!”

When a person turns 13, there are several significant changes that occur, but turning into a vampire is not what you would expect. After the first season’s conclusion, fans are curious if I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2 will soon make its way to Netflix. Well, the end of the first season saw a shocking revelation. This led fans to question whether Carmie would learn about the truth. And what is the truth Carmie must discover? Will we see more of her Shapeshifter mother in the next season? Let’s dig deeper and find out.

Although vampires are considered to be scary creatures, I Woke Up A Vampire brings a funny and fresh twist. Carmie had just turned 13, but her life took a dramatic turn when she found out that she was half-human and half-vampire. The show then highlights the teenager’s life as she navigates middle school while dealing with her shocking new powers. Well, the kid’s show has provided boatloads of entertainment, and fans want more. However, the big question is when we will get to see I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2. Here’s everything we know about the fantasy comedy show.

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2: Renewal Status!

The first season of the vampire comedy I Woke Up A Vampire was received exceptionally well by fans and critics. Unsurprisingly, the show was in Netflix’s Top 10s across 84 regions. Despite being this popular, it is common to see Netflix not going ahead with future seasons. However, fans can be relieved as chances are high that they will get I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2.

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2
I Woke Up A Vampire, Netflix

Hints about the second season came out as Netflix had labeled the first eight episodes as Season 1. Moreover, the following eight episodes were released on The Family Channel by September 2023. Hence, it is highly probable that Netflix will label the subsequent episodes as the second season. Nonetheless, fans will be on the lookout for an official announcement about the renewal of the show for another season. It is also possible that Netflix is currently monitoring the reception that the show is receiving internationally before announcing the following season.

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2: Plot Details

The hit vampire show will carry on in season 2 with plenty of adventures for Carmie and her friends. The following episodes will follow the fang-bearing protagonist as she enters high school. With her entering the formative years of her life, there will also be several challenges. From taking part in track and field to school dances, I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2 has plenty of entertainment. Moreover, The Collector will carry on searching for his daughter while Carmie finally discovers the truth about herself. There are several questions and mysteries that will eventually be resolved. And they’ll play a significant role in the protagonist’s past, present, and future.

The following season will also see the group at Fan Con, which is an event where a lot of Blended activities take place. It is certain that a lot of significant plot developments will surround the vampire get-together. Well, the first season laid a solid foundation for the characters and the world of the series. Consequently, we will see the second season build on top of it. I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2 will also showcase the struggles of making it through everyday life while being a vampire. Moreover, the series manages to depict it in a hilarious and relatable manner. So, it’s expected to follow the same tone.

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2
I Woke Up A Vampire, Netflix

How Does Season 1 End?

In the thrilling conclusion of I Woke Up a Vampire‘s first season, Carmie’s dual identity takes center stage as she faces her mysterious shapeshifter mother, Octavia. The mother seeks to control Carmie’s unique powers and lures her into a trap. As a result, the protagonist’s loyal friends, Kev and Dylan, set out to rescue her. Finally, we see the vampling harness her true power. That forces her mother to accept the mistakes she has made in the past. Additionally, Octavia tells Carmie that she will have to figure out the truth herself. The season’s climax shows Carmie embracing her true identity, ready to carry on figuring life out. With new powers and confidence, she enters high school, all geared up for what comes ahead.

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2: Cast Details!

Since the show will pick up right after the first season’s events, fans will get to see their favorite characters return. Kaileen Angelic Chang will play the lead role of Carmie Henley. Niko Ceci, Sebastian Borjeau, and Ana Araujo will return to play the characters of Kev Gardner, Dylan Helsing, and Leanna Timmons, respectively. In addition, Kris Siddiqi will return as The Collector in I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2.

Furthermore, Michael McGowan will carry on directing the series. Tommy Lynch created the series, and Veronica Paz joined him for the writing duties. The first season surprised the fans when famous singer Rick Astley made a guest appearance on the show. So, will there be any more special guests in the upcoming season? Only time will tell.

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2
I Woke Up A Vampire

I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2: Release Date

Fans are undoubtedly eager to delve into the life of Carmie Henley once again. And for that reason, one of the biggest questions pertains to the release date of the show. Since Netflix has yet to officially announce the show’s second season, the release date of I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2 remains a mystery. However, since the episodes have already aired on television, fans can rest assured that the show will take little time to reach their screens.

The vampire fantasy comedy is raking in a large number of viewers and is currently at the top of Netflix’s kid’s shows. This is proof enough to warrant I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2. That being said, all eyes are on Netflix and their decision about the show’s future. For more updates about I Woke Up A Vampire Season 2, follow Techradar247.


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