February 22, 2024

My Demon Episode 10: Gu Won Is Dying, Is It The End Of The Demon’s Era? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

My Demon Episode 10

As the drama unfolds, it gets messier, devious, and tragic for the protagonist. Gu-won is finally in love and wants to protect Do-hee at any cost. But with God’s entry, things turn upside-down in the demon’s life. Now, he must decide whether to save his life or Do-hee. While the situation gets tenser, My Demon Episode 10 hints at more tragic encounters in Do-hee’s life. No doubt, she is the center of the murder mystery drama as her own uncle is plotting to kill her. So, it raises the stakes to see how the demon protects her when he has already lost his powers. Can he save both lives? Let’s see!


My Demon Episode 10: Teaser Hints At Another Gamble!

Gu Won finally meets God, who tells him that he’s about to die. In order to protect himself, Do-hee must die. This leaves him to choose between him and his lover. God also informs him that at the full moon, the roulette wheel will come to a stop, hinting at his chance to survive. However, in My Demon Episode 10, we will see the demon preferring Do-hee over him. He decides to spend the rest of the night with her and asks Do-hee to stay awake the entire night. While the couple shares pleasant times, enjoying snacks and watching movies, the demon is afraid to lose the love of his life.

The following day, the pair goes to enjoy their honeymoon. Do-hee is currently living her best life, unaware of the fact that Gu-won will die. As the episode unfolds, it will see the demon making a challenging decision. He will ask Do-hee to forget him, leaving her confused. Meanwhile, Seok Min meets Seok-Hoon only to torture him to death. Do-hee has no clue about this family drama that continues to make things miserable for her. While the situation worsens, Gu-Won again meets God in My Demon Episode 10, only to inform her that he’s choosing him and Do-hee.

A Quick Recap!

The latest episode picked up from Gu-Won and Do-Hee, who were involved in a passionate kiss and later spent the night together. Meantime, the clocks at his place stopped working. Unaware of this fact, the couple spent quality time at Han River the following day. He also discussed his liking for God, although the demon hadn’t met him. As for Do-hee, she called Gu-won her guardian. While they enjoyed their meal, the former’s stepsister captured the couple’s pictures from afar. Do-hee sensed something was wrong but decided to pay little attention to it. As they returned home, the pair heard the same song that the killer sang.

My Demon Episode 10

It startled her, but the demon proceeded to dance with her. Meanwhile, Noh Sok-Min prepared for the election and told his son to be ready as he would take charge eventually. The following day, Do-hee prepared herself to withdraw her name from the company’s head position. But Gu-won had different plans. He asked her to wait until they discovered the killer’s identity. He then sought the police’s help to draw the killer’s sketch, and with their help, he commanded the Wild Dogs to capture the killer. Soon, it was revealed Noh Sok-Min was behind the killing, and he was the one who had murdered Madam Ju.

My Demon Episode 10: Release Date

The following episode will shed light on the demon’s decision. Will he choose himself over his love? You will learn it in My Demon Episode 10. It will air on December 23, 2023, at 10 pm KST. The all-new episodes air every Friday and Saturday night with a runtime of around an hour long. It is available on SBS for the local Korean audience. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Netflix. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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