One Piece Episode 1089

One Piece Episode 1089: Poster Teases The Beginning Of The Final Saga! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

After defeating Kaido, the greatest villain of all time, Luffy and his pirates head to the next destination. Well, the Wano Country arc was the rollercoaster ride. It explored several emotions, actions, and urges to protect the people. Now that it has ended, the avid viewers anticipate what aligns next in One Piece Episode 1089. Besides this, will the next episode return this Sunday? Well, several questions are running in the back of fans’ minds. But wait for a minute! This is because the studio house has recently revealed the most anticipated news. Keep reading to know that.

One Piece Episode 1089: First Look Is Out!

Toei has recently dropped the latest preview photo of One Piece Episode 1089, which hints at Luffy’s next big adventure. The Straw Hat Pirates now inch close to their next destination as the anime paces away from the Wano Country arc. The arc began in 2019 and ran for almost four years. But finally, Luffy and his crew head to Egghead Island and deeming by the poster the island looks futuristic, even Luffy’s crew seems in modern attire. This shows science will play a significant role in the next installment.

One Piece Episode 1089

On the other hand, the “Punk Records” building at the top hints that Dr. Vegapunk will return to the scene soon. So, it will eventually focus on Luffy and Vegapunk’s journey together as they go on several quests. Considering One Piece Episode 1089 as the beginning of the Final Saga, there’s a chance that every character will show their full potential. Further, Boa’s story has yet to be explored in the upcoming episode.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, the Marines, led by Koby, and the Blackbeard pirates reached Amazon Lily. The Marines entered the island to capture Boa Hancock, while the pirates were determined to steal Hancock’s Devil Fruit. However, the pirate princess used her devil fruit to petrify the groups. Boa was later revealed as the new bounty worth 1.659 billion berries. Rayleigh ordered Hancock to undo her attack so the Blackbeard Pirates and the Marines could leave the place without causing much damage. During this process, the former stayed there to witness whether everything was going smoothly.

One Piece Episode 1089

But the Blackbeard Pirates caused chaos as they decided to kidnap Koby. Although the Yonko hadn’t shared the reason behind it, the Marine captain’s fate was left in the dark. The episode also showed Luffy’s dream. He had been sailing with the Straw Hat Pirates for years and decided to reveal his dream. Many of his crew members called his dream childish, while others said it was impossible to achieve it. On the other hand, the Revolutionary Army and Sabo saved Bartholomew Kuma and took him back to Momoiro Island.

One Piece Episode 1089: Release Date

After the end of the Wano Country arc that ran for almost four years, the Straw Hat Pirates are now heading to their next destination. But the audiences must wait for this adventure as the next installment won’t be released on December 24, 2023. Although One Piece is all set to drop a special episode this Sunday, One Piece Episode 1089 will air on January 7, 2024. It will be first released on the local Japanese network and immediately after will be released on Crunchyroll. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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