June 18, 2024

Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11: Special Episode!? Return Of Mr. Poopybutthole! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11

With another thrilling episode, fans’ anticipation for Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11 is at its peak. The previous episode saw several stories unfolding at once when Morty confronts his greatest fear. Amid such a situation, he realizes his place in Rick’s life. Indeed, the previous episode was a rollercoaster of emotions where Morty ended up in Rick’s arms after learning his grandfather would choose him over anything. Now that the duo has amended and things have started to take a better shape, will Adult Swim return with another installment? Keep reading to find this out.


Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11: Is It Happening?

The end credit scene left everyone wondering whether Adult Swim will return with Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11. However, it won’t happen. Like the sixth season, Rick and Morty’s current season is also slated as a 10-episode season. But given that Mr. Poopybutthole returns to another universe where he finally reunites with his family after killing his other version, hints that something significant will take place. Although it raises the possibility of the next episode, the creator has already mentioned that season 7 will end with ten episodes.

Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11
Adult Swim

But it appears the next season might focus on Mr. Poopybutthole’s story arc. His wife is suspicious of his behavior and tries to learn about his true identity. She will soon realize that he isn’t her husband, and this will ultimately create problems for him. While the cliffhanger raises the chances of the pair’s return, Rick And Morty Season 8 won’t return anytime soon. This is because the eighth season is currently under development. So, it will take some time to drop a teaser hinting at the potential plot details.

A Quick Recap!

In the final episode, Rick and Morty headed on their next adventure as they walked through a “Carnival of Nightmares.” However, the scenes unimpressed the pair as it failed to scare them. But they soon met a mysterious man in a black suit, who suggested they try the Fear Hole. Curious Morty jumped in to face his greatest fear, followed by Rick, who helped defeat the nightmarish creatures. They later returned home only to encounter a young Rick, who told the pair to take care of Dianne. While the Smith family was shocked, Rick realized they were still in the Fear Hole.

But as the episode unfolded, Rick decided to stay in the hole as he didn’t want to lose Diane again. Morty soon realized that the Fear Hole was feeding on Rick and tried to warn the mad scientist. But the latter refused to believe Morty. So, in order to save Rick’s life, Morty sought the mysterious man’s help. But when he didn’t get proper help, Morty started confronting his fears and the most embarrassing moments. Meantime, Rick realized the teenager wasn’t there and discovered that the Fear Hole was feeding on them.

Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11
Adult Swim

It soon led to a series of events where Morty dealt with his greatest fears and learned Rick had never entered the hole. Morty managed to leave the place and shared the incident with the original Rick, who decided to jump in after learning Dianne was there. But he instead ditched the idea and returned home with Morty.

Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11: Release Date

Unfortunately, there won’t be any Rick And Morty Season 7 Episode 11. The animated series consisted of only ten episodes, with the final episode being released on December 17, 2023. So, the series won’t return with episode 11. But if you missed the show, you can catch it on Adult Swim. The series is also available on Netflix and Hulu in other regions. Besides this, HBO Max has recently added the complete Rick And Morty Season 7 to their streaming list. So, do check it! Keep coming back to TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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