Criminal Code Season 2

Criminal Code Season 2: Is It Happening? Netflix Is Yet To Break The Silence

Netflix has just seen an expansion in its streaming list. With the addition of the Brazilian crime drama Criminal Code, fans are excited to see what the future holds for them. Well, the show has just aired on the streaming platform, and its debut has created a lot of hype among its fans. Will Netflix return with Criminal Code Season 2? Avid fans are undoubtedly clamoring for more. And guess what? The finale has already left the door open, leaving fans to wonder about its possible sequel. So, is it happening? For that, keep reading!

The Brazilian crime drama Criminal Code follows the events that take place after the epic robbery at the office that brings chaos among the people. Soon, the show focuses on the investigation department, which finds it difficult to get insights into the “robbery of the century.” But as the show progresses, the team discovers its connection with the events in the neighboring country. That makes things more complicated, involving both countries to work on solving the mystery. Despite the gritty drama featuring a grand heist, it has nothing in common with Money Heist. Further, the show is actually inspired by real-life events.

Criminal Code Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Netflix’s crime drama just hit the screen on November 14, 2023. Shortly after its debut, the show gained massive popularity among crime drama lovers. However, at the time of writing, Netflix hasn’t yet officially renewed Criminal Code Season 2. But one thing to remember is that the show has just aired on the streaming platform. Hence, it’s quite early to make an official announcement. Further, the streaming giant generally takes almost a couple of months or more to return with another season.

Criminal Code Season 2

Since it’s been only a week, it’s better to be patient when it comes to Criminal Code Season 2. Besides this, Netflix’s decision to renew the show for the next season is also based on the series’ performance. As of now, the platform is working on expanding its streaming list. This is why the streaming list has seen a massive change, as it explores almost every country’s TV show. So, it can be a good sign that the show may return with another season. However, based on its first week’s performance, the show has gained only 6.6 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

While the rating isn’t that bad, the show hasn’t yet seen an exceptionally great moment. However, Netflix still needs to comment on it. So, there’s a chance that the show may return with Criminal Code Season 2. This is because several stories are left to explore in the next season.

The Show Receives Mixed Reviews

Although it’s only been a week since the show debuted, the series is hit by mixed reviews. Shortly after its debut, people took to social media to express their sentiments. While the show has received many great reviews regarding its storyline, many criticized its slow-paced journey. The first segment is heavily criticized for the density of forensic investigations, while the latter half is believed to be performed well. Thus, Netflix needs to consider this when deciding on the future of the series.

Criminal Code Season 2

But the show has seen a change in its ratings. Its debut only received six stars on IMDb, but it escalated slightly. Thus, it’s safe to believe the streaming platform may return with Criminal Code Season 2. The show has mostly received positive reviews from the audience worldwide. Meanwhile, Netflix has yet to reveal the viewership, which will definitely play a role in the decision-making process.

The Cliffhanger Hints At Criminal Code Season 2!

While the first season ended promisingly, the series has left several dangling threads open to explore. The first season has seen plenty of stories moving together. However, the team managed to solve the cases. But the Organization and the Ambassador drama is still ongoing. This hints that there is a chance that Netflix can return with Criminal Code Season 2. This is because, in the finale, the Ambassador managed to escape thanks to a mole. So, the chase game is still ongoing, which needs to be addressed in the next season.

On the other hand, Rossi’s team is doing great. After their successful cases, the team receives recognition. And now they are also heading to handle another massive case related to the Ghost Gang. But the first season hasn’t yet delved into that story arc. So, it proves that the creator is focusing on returning with another season to explore the cliffhanger. While the creative part hints at Criminal Code Season 2, the creator and Netflix have yet to reveal their plans. 

Is Criminal Code Based On True Events?

Unfortunately, yes! The Criminal Code is inspired by the events that took place on April 24, 2017. As per the reports, a group of 50 gangsters attacked the private security company Prosegur’s headquarters in the early hours of the day. The team used guns and grenades to cause chaos among the people while the rest of the gangsters distracted the police before robbing the place. Further, the reports suggest the group almost stole $8 million from the vault, which had $49 million.

Criminal Code Season 2

While the Netflix series has portrayed the real-life heist, it has also highlighted the investigation team’s action, especially the forensic department. However, the police didn’t have the proper resources to crack the case. This is why the team mainly relies on the forensic department, which uses the DNA method to solve the case. Luckily, it helps them crack the case, and they manage to catch the suspect. However, the first season only depicted a case fragment, with the belief that the rest of the storyline will be featured in Criminal Code Season 2. But the series fate is currently in limbo.

Criminal Code Season 2: Release Date

As mentioned above, the show has yet to be renewed for the next season. Netflix has yet to announce Criminal Code Season 2. Thus, it’s quite tricky to guess when the next season will be released. But if the show gets renewed early in 2024, it may return to the screen sometime in late 2025. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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