March 5, 2024

Dr Stone Season 3 Episode 23: The End Of Senku’s Saga! Season 4 Is On Horizon! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Dr Stone Season 3 Episode 23

Senku and his crew have finally mapped their plan, and now they head to their next destination- America. While the previous episode saw several ups and downs, the team finally managed to deal with their current situation. Now, fans want to see what lies next for Senku and his team. But will there be Dr Stone Season 3 Episode 23? Well, the previous episode was billed as the season’s finale, causing more doubts about the anime. But we have pleasant news for the anime enthusiasts. So, keep reading to know what Toho Animation is cooking for us.


Dr Stone Season 3 Episode 23: Is It Happening?

Fans have witnessed the beginning of Senku’s journey, and now they are curious to learn whether Dr Stone Season 3 Episode 23 will see some changes in the plotline. Unfortunately, the anime won’t return with another season. This season consisted of a total of 22 episodes, which were aired in two split cours. Considering this, there’s a chance that this season has concluded. If the studio house decides to return with another episode, it will make an announcement. So, let’s wait for an official announcement.

Dr Stone Season 4: It’s Official!

The third season ended last week, and Senku and his team headed to America to collect some materials for their spacecraft. When the season ended, the Shonen Jump News official X page confirmed that the anime has been announced for another season, hinting Dr Stone Season 4 is on the cards. The anime will soon start its conclusive chapter, roughly covering the 90 chapters from the original source material. However, there are a total of 232 chapters left to adapt, hinting the remaining chapters can be adapted into a movie. But there’s no official news about the movie adaptation yet. We will update you soon.

A Quick Recap!

Senku revealed that Medusa was running out of power, but he managed to petrify Tsukasa and revive him entirely changed and healed person. After that, he revealed his mission, which initially shocked Tsukasa. He then accepted Senku’s offer. However, Senku was the only person who still had petrification scars. In order to support him in his mission, everyone recreated their scars and took an oath to keep them until they defeated the antagonist, Why-Man. Kaseki and Yuzuriha focused on accumulating the materials required to craft the spacecraft.

Dr Stone Season 3 Episode 23

As for the scientist, he required numerous people to work on his space program. So, he decided to revive as many as possible. Ukyo reminded them they couldn’t exceed people more than 150; they needed people less than that to execute their plan. If Senku revived several people, it could create chaos among them, as too many people would lead to conflict. Despite that, the protagonist worked on his plan, making thousands of revival fluid. The team then embarked on their journey, setting sail to America.

Dr Stone Season 3 Episode 23: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will unlikely arrive on the screens since the third season ended last week. So, speaking about the Dr Stone Season 3 Episode 23 release date, it won’t appear this week until Toho Animation makes an announcement about a special episode. We will update you about this soon. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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