Dubai Bling Season 2

Dubai Bling Season 2: Why Is Netflix Pushing Back Its Fall Release?

Netflix’s reality show, Dubai Bling, has created a buzz among the audience for its highly divisive and ultra-wealthy nature. While the first season made history, the audience expects the same to happen with Dubai Bling Season 2. But is it returning? Well, the series is currently in the hot water because of the current global events. This made fans wonder: Is it the end of the elite reality show? Hold your horses! This is because the streaming platform has dropped the pleasant news, hinting at the return of the cheesy series. So, keep reading to know more!

Dubai Bling is a Netflix reality TV series that focuses on the lives of the high-flying social circle in Dubai. The series shows off some of the wealthiest celebs in the city and their close-knit group. It is the spinoff of Netflix’s original Bling Empire, showcasing the lives of the ten most affluent socialites in Los Angeles. However, the first season has faced criticism for their unrelatable luxurious lifestyles. Despite that, the show is considered a smashing hit series featuring DJ Bliss and more.

Dubai Bling Season 2: Is Officially Announced!

After exploring the lives of Asian American elites in Los Angeles, Netflix made a big move by shifting its narrative to Dubai. The show debuted in October 2022 and soon created a buzz among its fans. While the show was a massive hit on the streaming platform, it failed to garner positive ratings from the audience and critics. The reality series only gained 3.7 stars out of 10 on IMDb. With such a poor rating, many believe the show won’t return with Dubai Bling Season 2. However, ratings don’t play a major role in the case of reality series.

Dubai Bling Season 2

This is because the show performed incredibly well on Netflix. Its debut became the third most-watched non-English-language TV series on the streaming platform. Within a week, the show secured a top 10 position in almost 47 countries. This is why Netflix took little time to announce its decision. Just after its debut, the streaming platform confirmed Dubai Bling Season 2 is happening. However, the streaming platform still needs to reveal the series’ viewership. Still, it’s safe to say that Dubai Bling is back!

What Is The Production Status Of Dubai Bling Season 2?

Well, the series received renewal earlier in February 2023. However, neither the streaming platform nor the creator has revealed the production status of the series. But it is believed that filming began just after Dubai Bling Season 2 was announced. As of now, it remains to be seen whether the production has been completed. However, Netflix recently dropped the series’ first poster, hinting the show is set to release soon. The poster also teases that the major cast will return.

Besides this, the streaming platform has also dropped the first-ever teaser of Dubai Bling Season 2 on TikTok. While the first look doesn’t give much detail about the next season, it does tease that more drama will happen. The short clip shows the characters stepping out in uber-expensive shoes, with Saudi presenter and millionaire Loujain Omran announcing, “It’s good to be back.” Considering the first season, filming for Dubai Bling Season 2 likely took place in the same city.

Dubai Bling Season 2: What Will Happen In The Second Run?

Before delving deeper into what Dubai Bling Season 2 will look like, let’s look at the drama orchestrated in the first season. Just like any other reality TV series, Dubai Bling also shows rivalry between the cast members. Although the women in the circle like to party and spend enormous amounts of money on clothes and other stuff, they also like to stir drama in other’s lives. When Safa asks her husband to gift her a lavish five-bedroom, sea-facing house, he rejects her request. Instead, her husband tells her she should have planned to have another child.

Dubai Bling Season 2

However, because of the complications she has faced in her previous pregnancy, she refuses to give birth. In fact, she suggests they should plan for surrogacy. It quickly creates problems between them. While Safa deals with her personal issues, her friends make her feel guiltier. Mainly, the show portrays women vs women. But then there’s Ebraheem, who loves to stir drama among the other members’ lives. Meanwhile, LJ faces issues after she rejects a man who says there are many fishes in the sea to offer his love.

With such an intense drama, the show is now set to return with Dubai Bling Season 2. Although the official synopsis of the next season hasn’t yet been revealed, Netflix has assured us it will deliver more drama. In a press release, the streaming platform shared season 2 will overflow with glitz and glamour. It will focus more on the sensational lives of Arabic personalities. Further, the next season will rekindle the friendships, unmissable drama, and rivalries.

Dubai Bling Season 2: Cast Details

The first season featured Arabic personalities like Kris Fade, Farhana Bodi, DJ Bliss, Zeina Khoury, and Ebraheem Al Samadi. It has also shown the lives of Loujain Adadah, Safa Siddiqui, Lojain Omran, and Zeina Khoury. However, it remains unclear whether these highly influenced personalities will return for Dubai Bling Season 2. This is because Netflix has yet to announce the cast roaster. But the teaser has revealed that the main cast will return.

Dubai Bling Season 2

Besides them, the show will also bring some new faces. Recently, the news surfaced that Amy Roko, Cosmo ME’s Spring Issue 2022 cover model, was set to join Dubai Bling Season 2. However, reports confirmed that she was fired as she wasn’t a perfect fit for the series. Apart from Amy, Mona Kattan is also rumored to join the next season. According to the sources, the US-Iraqi entrepreneur will join the series with Kris as they work together on their new dating app.

Although Netflix hasn’t yet revealed whether the first season cast members will return, the cliffhanger hints at Safa Siddiqui’s return. Well, in the first season, she and her husband plan to expand their family. So, the couple may return for Dubai Bling Season 2.

Dubai Bling Season 2: Release Date

Dubai Bling Season 2

Previously, Netflix’s hit reality series was set to release in the fall of 2023. However, Netflix hasn’t yet announced the Dubai Bling Season 2 release date. This is because setbacks hit the highly-anticipated series. The production team has postponed the series release because of the ongoing war. But the streaming platform will soon announce its official release date. It’s possible to release by the end of 2023 or earlier in 2024. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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