February 29, 2024

A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14: Another Tragic Heartbreak! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14

Finally, everything gets better between Isaku and Keiya. The couple has already confessed their feelings, and everything has become better. But since the previous episode ended perfectly, leaving no dangling threads, it remains unclear what the next storyline will be. Will A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14 return with sweet and romantic moments? Considering the series’s slow pace, the next episode might bring some mega-action sequences, as Isaku will remain in danger. But nothing has been confirmed to this moment. Keep reading to know it.


A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14: It Won’t Return! Why?

The anime is ordered for only 13 episodes for its first season. Since it has already run through its course, the chances of A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14 are quite low. Further, the finale has already concluded Isaku’s and Keiya’s storyline. The couple has finally confessed their feelings and even sealed their relationship with a kiss. Thus, there’s nothing left to explore. But if the studio house decides to return, it might explore their struggle during their relationship.


Keiya is the right hand of Isaku’s grandfather, and when he learns about their relationship, the situation will indeed intensify. But again, it remains unclear whether it will be portrayed in A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14. The studio hasn’t announced whether they will return with a special episode. But if it does, we will update you. Further, A Girl And Her Guard Dog Season 2 is currently not on the horizon. This is because the studio hasn’t yet confirmed the second season. But again, we will inform you soon after learning the news.

A Quick Recap!

So far, in A Girl And Her Guard Dog, Isaku has reflected on her feelings

for Keiya. She even recalled a memory when she first met him. The schoolgirl also shared a memory of her drawing a picture of Keiya. It was later revealed that the picture held significance in her life. While she went down memory lane, Keiya finally told the meaning of his back tattoo. He revealed that it was a symbol to protect the Yakuza princess for life. However, he felt he had failed to protect her and asked her to mark his back with his katana. But she instead scratched his back.

A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14

Despite that, Keiya stated he would stay dedicated to her and that she owned him. In school, Isaku told her friends everything was fine between her and Keiya. Their relationship also paced in a perfect direction. The couple even had an official kiss, suggesting they were finally a couple. But the entire episode showed several recaps and went down memory lane instead of exploring their future. Overall, the finale saw several sweet moments between Isaku and Keiya.

A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14: Release Date

Sadly, A Girl And Her Guard Dog Episode 14 won’t return this week. This is because the anime’s first season only consisted of 13 episodes, which ended last week. So, there’s no chance the show will return with a special episode this week. Further, considering the conclusive nature of the narration, there’s no chance it will return with A Girl And Her Guard Dog Season 2. But who knows! Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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