Masters Of The Air
Masters Of The Air

Masters Of The Air: Band Of Brothers-Esque Drops First Trailer Teases 2024 Release!

Being a part of the invaluable air force during the Second World War was a task that came with immense pride and responsibility. The upcoming TV series, Masters Of The Air, brings action, drama and lots of entertainment as it documents the story of the 100th Bombardment Squad of The U.S. Air Force. Many people are now buzzing with excitement and are eager to watch the show. But is the Masters Of The Air release date out? Join us as we decode the new trailer and answer some pressing questions about the cast and the release date of the action-packed drama.

Masters Of The Air is based on Donald L. Miller’s book titled Masters Of The Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought The Air War Against Nazi Germany. The author released the book in 2007, and it is widely appreciated. It documents the journey of the famous 100th Bombardment Unit of the 8th Air Force. Also known as The Bloody Hundredth, the pilots were quintessential in the battle against the Nazi regime. And now, the adaptation of the book will showcase the bravery and sacrifice of the pilots. Moreover, the stellar cast has made people impatient to watch the series. So, keep reading to know more!

Official Announcement Of Masters Of The Air

Masters Of The Air
Masters Of The Air

Although the war drama will be released soon, plans for the series began back in 2012. Additionally, HBO confirmed the adaptation of Donald L. Miller’s book in 2013. However, the official announcement came in October 2019 when Apple TV+ struck a deal with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Initially, the American TV network planned an exclusive show with John Orloff in charge. However, HBO confirmed in 2019 that they will not proceed with the show.

The First Trailer Of The High-Flying Series Is Out!

Recently, Apple TV dropped the trailer of the highly anticipated Masters Of The Air. Take a look at the trailer below.

The 128-second clip has put the show on the runway, ready for takeoff. The trailer starts with a sky filled with explosions and shrapnel while a pilot, Buck, says it looks beautiful if you don’t think about what’s happening. Later, the trailer shows us how young men have travelled from far and wide to fight for a common cause. The U.S. Air Force has tasked the pilots to bring the war into the territory of the Axis forces. However, they are assigned missions in broad daylight, which turns out to be extremely dangerous.

But the brave flyers of the 100th Bombardment Squad decide to power through and see their boys through it. The trailer also shows scenes of high-flying action, destruction, celebration and many emotions. As the clip comes to an end, it focuses on Buck guiding the others by telling them to rack them up and knock them down. Finally, the trailer also teases the release date of the miniseries.

Has Masters Of The Air Finished Filming?

Following the announcement of the show, the producers began planning and filming the show. Despite the show’s announcement in late 2019, filming didn’t commence till 2021. Covid-19 is the primary reason for the numerous delays that took place. Moreover, the effects of the pandemic affected shooting schedules and caused delays in 2021, too. Although people are still determining if the filming is completed, fans can rest assured as the release date is right around the corner.

Masters Of The Air
Masters Of The Air

Band Of Brothers is a familiar name for enthusiasts of war shows. The famous series first aired in 2001 and shares the same executive producers as Masters Of The Air. However, the two shows have more in common than just the producers. Band Of Brothers’ 1943 timeline features the journey of Easy Company, who were present in England at the same time as The Bloody Hundredth. Moreover, the soldiers in Easy Company and the 100th Bombardment Squad fought in some of the most significant battles during the Allied Force’s Invasion of Europe. Consequently, the pilots of The Bloody Hundredth aided infantry on ground troops in several missions. Notably, air force support was one of the most vital factors that helped troops of the Easy Company escape the Ardennes forest.

Masters Of The Air Has An Incredible Cast

One of the driving factors behind the hype for the World War 2 miniseries comes from the back of its cast and crew. Some of the most talented actors will be a part of Masters Of The Air’s extensive roster. Notably, Elvis actor Austin Butler will be playing the lead role of Major Gale Cleven. Additionally, Lt. Barry Keoghan and Callum Turner will portray Curtis Biddick and Major John Egan. Along with the actors mentioned above, they will be joined by others like Anthony Boyle, Ncuti Gatwa, Thomas Jessop and Freddy Carter.

Another factor that has raised expectations is that veteran actor Tom Hanks and the legendary director Steven Spielberg will execute the show. The two are considered to be the most talented individuals in their field. Consequently, the fans have high hopes for the show. Further, Cary Joji Fukunaga, Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck, Dee Rees and Tim Van Patten will take up directorial duties for the 9-episode series.

Masters Of The Air
Masters Of The Air

Masters Of The Air: Release Date

After the action-packed and spine-chilling trailer, fans are itching to know when the show will be released. Masters Of The Air will premiere on January 26, 2024. Two episodes will be released on the premiere date, while the final episode is set to be released on March 15, 2024.

Undoubtedly, many people are zealously anticipating the release of the show. The trailer has only raised the expectations for the talented cast and crew. As a result, fans can’t wait to experience the stories of the brave pilots who risked their lives during The Second World War. For more updates about Masters Of The Air, Follow Techradar247.

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