Days of Our Lives Star Steve Burton Officially Parts Ways With Ex-Wife Sheree

In the complex world of soap operas, where on-screen drama often mirrors real-life challenges, a recent off-screen story has caught the attention of dedicated fans. Steve Burton, the experienced soap star, is known for playing Harris Michaels on Days of Our Lives. He has ended a chapter that unfolded over two decades. His separation from his wife, Sheree Gustin, not only marks the end of a long-standing marriage but also transforms into a real-life story. This narrative goes beyond the TV screen, offering fans a peek into the intricate details of the actors’ lives.

Days of Our Lives: The End Of A Two-Decade Union

The recent news that Steve Burton has officially completed his divorce from Sheree Gustin has surprised soap opera enthusiasts. What began as a marriage lasting over twenty years has now come to an end. This development has prompted fans to delve into the details of this real-life soap opera. The duration of their relationship adds complexity to this separation. As the legal details settle, questions arise about how this will impact the lives of the individuals involved.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/Steve Burton and Sheree Gustin

Meanwhile, in the legal process of divorce, Steve and Sheree worked through the complicated details. They agreed to joint legal and physical custody of their minor children, Jack and Brooklyn. The drama doesn’t stop there; both parties, in an unusual move, gave up their right to spousal support “now or at any time in the future.” This decision emphasizes a mutual desire for independence and a clean break from financial ties. As fans eagerly understand the implications of this legal settlement, the soap opera of their lives continues to unfold.

Personal Revelations and Public Unveilings

Peeling back the layers of this soap opera, we discover the personal revelations that added a unique twist to the separation saga. In May 2022, Steve Burton took to Instagram, clarifying the impending divorce. During this communication, he also addressed Sheree’s pregnancy. In a frank admission, he stated that the child in question was not his own.

Also, this revelation lifted the veil on a private matter that had been shielded from public scrutiny. Sheree, however, remained silent during this tumultuous period. She gave birth to her fourth child, Izabella, in February. Then, in October, she revealed her fifth pregnancy via Instagram, showcasing a woman embracing life’s unpredictable journey with strength and resilience.

Before stepping into the cast of Days of Our Lives as Harris Michaels, Steve Burton left his mark in soap opera history. He played memorable roles as Jason Morgan in General Hospital and Dylan McAvoy in The Young and the Restless. The journey through soap opera stardom has been a personal and professional evolution for Burton. Each role has contributed to his legacy in the industry. As we reflect on his soap opera journey, it becomes clear that the off-screen drama adds another layer of complexity to his already illustrious career.

Furthermore, in a dynamic world where reality and fiction dance in tandem, Steve Burton’s personal narrative unfolds. It’s a gripping tale of love, separation, and self-discovery. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next episodes of Days of Our Lives. The off-screen drama promises to keep them equally captivated. Stay tuned to for all the latest Days of Our Lives updates.


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