The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13: Won’t Return This Week! Is It The End? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

From the beginning of the anime, fans have been wondering the fate of Adonis and the rest of the kingdom. Seeing the last episode, it seems like the situation is pretty tight, and soon, the protagonist will face the greatest threat of all time. What will it be? Before delving into the danger, there’s bittersweet news for the series fans. The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13 will face some challenging fate as the studio house has dark plans for the next episode. Is it the end of the fantasy anime? You will soon learn it. Keep reading to know that.

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13: Is It Happening?

Unfortunately, The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13 won’t return. This is because Yokohama Animation Laboratory had already announced that the first season would consist of only 12 episodes. That was already aired on the network last week. So, there’s only a chance that the anime will return with another episode once the studio announces a special episode. But the fans have to wait for that, too. As per The Kingdoms Of Ruin Season 2, neither the studio nor the anime’s official page has dropped any news. But considering the cliffhanger, we expect it might return. Don’t worry! TechRadar247 will update you shortly after an official announcement drops.

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13

A Quick Recap!

The last episode of The Kingdom Of Ruin began with an intense battle between Adonis and Shirousagi. The former overpowered him with his increased physical strength and magic and ripped the latter apart using the spell Chloe taught him. Shirousagi tried to stop Adonis but failed as the spell froze him. The entire city also froze; even the satellite lost its signal, and video was interrupted. Oz then realized the power of Adonis had grown after he defeated Shirousagi. Chloe’s spirit appeared one last time and hugged Adonis after the battle ended. As for Shirousagi, he told Doroka that she looked like him and Dorothea before dying.

He also told Doroka to tell the queen he did his best, although he got defeated. On the other hand, Adonis told the formal that he could fix her eyes. In the Redia Empire, everyone was worshiping Dorothea, who asked about the Crowns. After getting no response, she stated she would declare war on Military Nation Mika, Markpoint Medical, Eastern Nation Suzure, and Single Mother Nation Orionsono. Meanwhile, Doroka revealed her love spell on Adonis, who told her not to bother about it before fixing her eyes. However, he said to her that his heart only belonged to Chloe.

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13: Release Date

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13

The forthcoming episode is expected to see Adonis and Doroka’s love story. However, the anime has already run its course and won’t return for The Kingdoms Of Ruin Episode 13. So, there won’t be a new episode this week. As for The Kingdoms Of Ruin Season 2, the studio house hasn’t yet announced any official news. We will update you shortly after learning this. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.


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