Days Of Our Lives: The Other Shoe Finally Falls, Everett Unleashes Havoc In Salem With Split Personality

It is no secret that Days of Our Lives loves spinning some crazy tales in Salem, which are as far away from reality as possible. But that’s what has always been this soap’s charm, and the fanbase loves it for the same. Recently, DOOL reintroduced Blake Berris in an entirely new character – Everett Lynch. For the unversed, he previously used to play the now-deceased Nick Fallon. The second he set foot in Salem, renewed, we knew something major was up! But everything had been going smoothly till now. So what gives? Well, here’s the answer! Dive right in to find out!

Ever since Everett debuted on Days of Our Lives, he seems fixated on his ex, Stephanie! It seems like he wants to win her back and restart their former romance. And even though he has made no mention of Jada, we know what’s the connection there. Yup! Stephanie isn’t his only ex in Salem. In fact, while he and Steph only dated, he was actually married to Jada Hunter previously. So it is weird that he does not even as much as breathes her name. Is that intentional, or is there another layer here that we aren’t seeing yet?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Everett wants to win Stephanie back

Everett’s Double Trouble On Days Of Our Lives

In recent Days of Our Lives episodes, Jada revealed that her ex-husband’s name was Bobby. However, when she flashed a photo of him, it was actually Everett sans the beard. Now, there are only two possibilities here, no wait – actually three! First, Blake Berris could be playing two characters now, Everett and Bobby. But considering that he has already played Nick, it’s unlikely he will don a third character. So, that leaves us with two more plausible possibilities.

One, he is a con artist! Everett may have used Bobby’s identity to live a life with Jada. And then be using Everett’s identity for a new life with Stephanie. That would explain why he does not talk about Jada. A second and more dangerously dramatic possibility is that he really was Bobby at some point. Everett mentioned to Stephanie that he was in a coma. What if his health issues are older than we think? Maybe, previously, too, he had some sort of a mental breakdown that gave him a secret persona – Bobby!

DOOL/ Jada and Bobby in an old photograph

The spoilers say that Everett will be discussing a sensitive topic with Marlena soon on Days of Our Lives. What if he eventually takes treatment for his split personality from her? And if that’s true, who is to say that he won’t transform into Bobby every now and then and pull off evil stunts? Perhaps set the Horton house ablaze! We know a fire is about to go up there. In fact, Harris will take a bullet in upcoming episodes, what if Bobby is the one who pulls the trigger?

Could this plot twist be why Everett was brought in? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.


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