February 22, 2024

Don’t Suck: Matt Rife Set To Play Vampire In New Horror-Comedy! Releasing This Fall

Don't Suck Movie

If you’re a stand-up comedian struggling to find an opening act, would you hire a vampire? Well, in the Don’t Suck Movie, that is something that is going to happen. The upcoming horror-comedy brings a fresh and unique twist to vampire movies. When vampires get bored of their blood-sucking escapades, do they make their way to comedy clubs? If you want to know what a vampire is doing hanging around with a comedian, read on. This is because we have uncovered the details of the movie and break down the trailer. So, stay with us!


Blending the genres of horror and comedy is a challenging task. However, movies like Chucky, Shaun of the Dead, and Evil Dead prove otherwise. There is good news for fans of the genre as a new film is about to join the lineup. Don’t Suck is an upcoming horror-comedy movie that features some known faces. As a result, fans are excited to know the movie’s nitty-gritty and what it is about. Will the movie see some surprise guests? When will the movie be released? Let’s find out.

Don’t Suck Movie Announcement!

Don't Suck Movie
Don’t Suck

Although there needs to be more details regarding when the producers officially announced the movie, we have some information regarding the movie’s rights. VMI Worldwide recently acquired the rights to the Don’t Suck Movie. Seeing the excellent work done by the film director in the past, VMI wanted to get their hands on the movie. JD Beaufils is the Director Of Sales at VMI Worldwide, and he explained how the hilarious concept of the vampire comedy made it an easy decision to take on the worldwide sales of the film. Additionally, the executive also mentioned how working with the director was in line with VMI’s philosophy of collaborating with talented filmmakers.

New Trailer Of The Vampire Comedy Is Out!

Recently, ONE Media dropped a new trailer which gave us more details about the Don’t Suck Movie and what we can expect from it. Take a look at it below.

The trailer starts at a comedy show; the manager tells Pete, a comedian, to watch Ethan, who is on stage. The manager tells how Ethan is terrible at stand-up comedy. But for some reason, Pete finds his set funny. Following this, the newbie asks Pete if he wants an opening act for his sets. Later, we see the veteran comic on a call, and his manager asks him to find an opening act to join him for the Russel Peters Tour.

As a result, Ethan steps up to the occasion and tells Pete that he will sponsor everything if he takes him along. Although hesitant at the start, Ethan is convinced by his girlfriend. However, the truth is unveiled soon after Pete realizes that Ethan is not a vampire gimmick but the real thing. Further, we see the two in various wacky situations, including the vampire sucking someone’s blood. The short clip has now excited fans and hyped them for a hilarious adventure.

Don’t Suck Movie: Production Status

Fans are excited to see the comic duo in a new film, to say the least. Additionally, fans also want to know the production status. Since a trailer is out already, it is safe to assume that the crew has wrapped up filming and is now in the post-production stage. However, the team may film certain additional shots in the future. The commencement of filming and its location are yet to be determined.

What Is The Movie About?

Don't Suck Movie
Don’t Suck

Don’t Suck Movie recently got a trailer, and fans are curious to know what precisely the plot of the movie is and what is in store for them. According to the official premise, the film follows a washed-up stand-up comedian, Pete. As the struggling comic is asked to find an opening act, his girlfriend introduces him to a not-so-great comedian, Ethan. However, there is more than meets the eye, as Ethan is an actual vampire. The movie follows the two as they get themselves into various wacky situations while trying to strike a balance between the supernatural and the real world. Their journey to opening for the Russel Peters special is full of outrageous moments due to Ethan’s vampire powers and Jeff’s carefree attitude.

Don’t Suck Movie: Cast

Being a horror-comedy, Don’t Suck Movie has hit the right spot with its casting. Jamie Kennedy will play the role of Pete, whereas Matt Rife will be the vampire-comic Ethan. It is worth noting that both of the actors are successful stand-up comedians in real life. Additionally, the cast includes the famous comedian Russel Peters, along with Lauren Compton and Ellen Hollman. Moreover, several other actors like Emilina Adams, Lisa Wilcox, Maurice Compte, and Brian Gross will be appearing in the movie.

R.J. Collins is the director of the forthcoming vampire flick, while Rick D’Elia will be writing the screenplay. In addition, Fluffy Bear Studios, GFG Entertainment, Got Films, One Dollar Studios, Tenacity Entertainment and Two Pint Minimum will be producing the Don’t Suck Movie.

Don’t Suck Movie: Release Date

Don't Suck Movie
Matt Rife

One of the most pressing questions fans have is when the vampire horror-comedy release. Considering the stand-up comics have already finished filming, the film might be around the corner. As a result, fans can expect to see Matt Rife and Jamie Kennedy on the big screens soon. Further, as per the source, Don’t Suck will release on December 1, 2023.

Seeing the comic duo in a new light will be fresh and refreshing. Fans of the viral comedian Matt Rife and Jamie Kennedy are in for a treat to see them in the Don’t Suck Movie, which brings a new twist to Vampires. For more updates about Don’t Suck, follow Techradar247


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