February 29, 2024
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Is Bruno Mars Gay? When Did He Confess? Know The Singer’s Sexuality & Current Relationship

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Gay: Bruno Mars is undoubtedly one of the most popular singers of the last decade. He has delivered numerous hit songs and received more than 150 honors for his contribution to the music industry. He remains just the way he is to climb the mountain of success. The audience was able to relate to his songs, and that differentiates him from other singers. Some of his tracks like “Just the Way You Are,” “Grenade,” “Uptown Funk,” and “The Lazy Song” were the biggest hits of the last decade. Fans always seem to be quite interested in the love life of this singer. But, the latter likes to keep his personal life a bit private. Back in 2012, a report came out that Bruno Mars came out of his closet and confessed that he was gay. After that, rumors of Bruno Mars being homosexual started to make rounds on the internet. So, was this report true? Is Bruno Mars Gay? Is he dating someone? Read on to know the sexuality and the current relationship of Bruno Mars. 

Is Bruno Mars Gay

Bruno Mars Career

Bruno Mars is the singer’s stage name, and his real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. He was born in 1985 in Hawaii. He belonged to a musical family, and he gained knowledge of different music genres in his childhood. Bruno Mars eventually moved to Los Angeles and signed a deal with Motown Records in 2004. However, the deal went nowhere, and the label released him in less than a year. But, it still turned out to be fruitful for him as the following year, he landed a music publishing deal with Westside Independent. 

Bruno Mars’ music career didn’t pick up the pace till 2008. When he was on the verge of giving up, he received a call from Brandon Creed, who eventually became Mars’ manager. Bruno Mars was doing well as a songwriter and music producer, and then he released his first studio album, “Doo-Woops and Hooligans,” in 2010, and the rest is history. Just The Way You Are became the turning point of his career and made Bruno Mars one of the best solo artists. The same track also earned Bruno Mars his very first Grammy. 

Is Bruno Mars Gay

Bruno Mars has never turned back since then. He then continues to deliver tracks like “Count on Me,” “When I Was Your Man,” “Uptown Funk,” “The Lazy Song,” “That’s What I Like,” and many more, which cemented him as one of the top male singers. Bruno Mars has received a total of 483 nominations in his career so far and has won 179 awards, including 15 Grammys. The singer released his most recent album in November 2021, titled “Silk Sonic,” along with the American Rapper Anderson Paak. As his career turned, his fans showed concern regarding his sexuality. Is Bruno Mars gay? Let’s find out!  

Bruno Mars Relationships

The singer has dated several beautiful women after establishing himself as a star in early 2010. Not only this, but he also double-dated during the early years of his career. His love life finally became stable in the year 2011, when he started the longest relationship of his life so far. While he has a long dating history, he has never dated a man, as per the reports. Thus, Bruno Mars gay rumors stand uncertain. Below, you can see the relationships of this fifteen-time Grammy winner. 

Chanel Malvar

Bruno Mars’ first known relationship was with a backup dancer named Chanel Malvar. He started dating Chanel in 2009, and the couple reportedly split in 2011. During the relationship, Chanel often posted pictures of them together on her MySpace page. Chanel accused Bruno of cheating and stated that he was hooking up with one of his co-workers. 

Rita Ora

Back in 2012, during an interview with a German magazine, Rita Ora revealed that she also dated Bruno Mars for a brief period between 2009 and 2011. She met Bruno during his days as a songwriter. They hired Bruno Mars to write songs for her. If the reports are to be believed, Bruno Mars cheated on Chanel with none other than Rita Ora. However, Rita and Bruno decided to call off their relationships due to busy schedules and hectic workloads. 

Jessica Caban

In 2011, Bruno Mars spotted a model named Jessica Caban in a restaurant and decided to approach her. The two started dating in the last month of 2011, and then the following year, Cuban moved in with him in his $3.2 Million Hollywood mansion. That’s when their relationship became official. The duo has made only a few public appearances, and most of them came between the 2014 and 2016 Grammys. In an interview, Bruno Mars also revealed that he wrote “When I Was Your Man” with Jessica on her mind as he thought he was losing her. Reportedly, Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban are still together. However, it seems like they have no plans to marry despite dating each other for more than ten years. Despite such evidence, Bruno Mars gay words continue to surface on the internet.  

Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban

When Did Bruno Mars Gay Rumors Start? 

The Bruno Mars gay rumors caught fire back in 2012 when the US website CNN published a report that Bruno Mars came out of his closet to confess he was gay. This report made the singer’s sexuality a subject of speculation. According to this report, Bruno Mars was quoted saying, “The timing is bad. I hadn’t realized it was April Fool’s Day, but it’s been pointed out to me, and I don’t want to go too public with this.” As a result, people all around the world began to question Bruno Mars’ sexuality, and they started asking, “Is Bruno Mars Gay?”  

Is Bruno Mars Gay

Is Bruno Mars Gay? 

Back in 2012, right after the reports came out, Bruno Mars claimed that these reports were completely false, denying Bruno Mars gay rumors. He also added that his sexuality is not a joke. The singer himself confirmed that he is not gay and is a completely straight male. His eleven-year-long relationship with Jessica Caban is also proof of the same. All the reports claiming Bruno Mars is gay are completely false and baseless. 

Bruno Mars Canceled His Concert In Israel

Bruno Mars was set to perform in Tel Aviv on October 7, 2023. While the 15-time Grammy Awards-winner expressed his love for Tel Aviv and eagerness to perform, his concert got canceled at the last minute. As per the reports, Live Nation Israel canceled the concert due to the terrorist attack. He left the country in the afternoon with his 60 crew members and flew to Athens. There, he continued his tour. As per the news, Mars performed in Israel for the first time on Wednesday of the same week. Despite everything, Mars was interested in returning someday to continue his tour.

Macau Is On!

Get ready, Macau, to witness the enchanting world of Mars’ music. Bruno Mars is set to perform on January 6, 2024, on the roof terrace of MGM Cotai, Macau. Tickets for the concert started selling out on December 9, 2023, at 10 am. Fans can visit the mgm.mo

website to see the current status of the Mars tour and get access to the latest shows.

Do you like Bruno Mars? What do you think about Bruno Mars gay words? Is he hiding something? Which is your favorite track? Do you think he will tie the knot with Jessica Caban in the near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Also, keep following TechRadar247 for the latest entertainment facts and updates. 

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