June 17, 2024

Louis Gumpenberger The Murder Mystery: Why Did Pam Hupp Kill Him? Prosecutor Refiles The Case!


Since NBC dropped the criminal drama series “The Thing About Pam” in 2022, people are curious to know every little detail about Louis Gumpenberger. The victim in the 2016 infamous murder case shook the world. Soon after this incident, many started wondering whether the Louis Gumpenberger murder case was just a cover-up to hide the more serious and heinous act of the past. While such questions continued to buzz the nation, recent reports suggest that the culprit behind this murder case is once again summoned to the court. But for what? Well, the person behind this case has claimed to kill more than one innocent. Let’s delve in and learn more about this murder case. 


But First, Who Was Louis Gumpenberger?

Born and raised in St. Charles, Missouri, Louis Royse Gumpenberger had lived with his mother, Margaret Birch. However, an unfortunate incident happened when he was 33 years old in 2005. He was hit by a car when he went outside for a walk. It was later announced as a drunk driving accident. It resulted in a brain injury, which left Louis psychologically and physically handicapped. While his life took a dark and dramatic turn, everything changed at noon on August 16, 2016. 

Louis Gumpenberger
Louis Gumpenberger

His non-responsive body was found in O’Fallon, Missouri when the police responded to 911 calls. It was reported that Pam Hupp called the cops to complain about a live home invasion. The police declared Louis Gumpenberger was dead at the time police arrived at the crime site. He was shot at least twice, making things more complicated for the investigation department. However, the situation turned more complex when the cops found $900 and a note with instructions to attack Pam Hupp. 

But when the investigators connected the dots, the case became more and more bizarre. It was later revealed that Pam Hupp played a significant role in the Louis Gumpenberger murder case. But why did she kill him? Keep reading! 

Louis Gumpenberger The Murder Case! 

According to the solo witness – Pam Hupp – of the case, she called 911 after Louis Gumpenberger forcefully entered her place. As per her claim, she had just returned from a thrift shop when she noticed a man, Louis. He was dropped off by a car and charged her with a knife. Initially, she struggled but managed to get a grip on the knife. Pam then rushed inside her house and picked up her 38 Ruger from her bedside to shoot Louis, who she supposed was the burglar. 

She further stated that Louis Gumpenberger had asked for “Russ’s money.” It quickly shifted the narrative to the Betsy murder case that took place in December 2011. Her husband, Russell Faria, found her dead in their home in Troy, Mo., and immediately called the cops. He found her covered with wounds. He stated his wife went on a night out with her friends the night before her death. Russ also said that he thought it was a possible suicide because of his wife’s ongoing cancer battle. But it was later turned into a murder mystery where Pam – Betsy’s friend and coworker – allegedly blamed Russ for his wife’s murder. 

Louis Gumpenberger
Pam Hupp

Hupp was the last person who saw Betsy alive and even drove her off home after the victim’s doctor’s appointment. Surprisingly, four days after the murder, Hupp became the sole recipient of Betsy’s $150,000 life insurance policy. Despite that, the prosecutors found nothing suspicious and still believed Russ was guilty. He was wrongfully convicted of her wife’s murder and served three years and more in prison. However, he was found not guilty in November 2015. 

How Are These Two Cases Connected? 

Just when Russ got released, he and Hupp were again on the police radar when she called 911 to report a home invasion and Louis Gumpenberger’s murder. Initially, it was believed that Louis was following some instructions to attack Hupp. But soon, the team figured out Hupp’s master plan. The authorities discovered that Hupp was the one who wrote all the notes when they found a $100 bill in her dresser, revealing she was the one who bought the knife used by Louis to attack her. Upon further investigation, it was learned that she was in Louis’ neighborhood 45 minutes before the murder. It quickly contradicted her statement- of returning from a trip. 

After gathering enough evidence, the investigation team concluded Pam Hupp was behind Louis Gumpenberger’s murder case. Prosecutors also claimed that she picked him from a random place and made him look like a hitman. She further made a story to let the cops believe Ross hired Louis. However, she wasn’t aware that the victim had physical and mental impairments. So he couldn’t execute such a dangerous attack. Soon after this, Hupp was charged with Louis Gumpenberger’s murder. 

Louis Gumpenberger
Pam Hupp

In 2019, she made an Alford plea- she refused to admit her crime but acknowledged that there was ample evidence to put her behind bars. Although she avoided the death penalty, she was still in prison, serving life imprisonment punishment. Amid this, the investigation team decided to reexamine Betsy’s murder, and it was revealed Hupp was behind that killing, too. In July 2021, she was charged with her friend’s murder but was found not guilty. As for Russ, he received a $2 million settlement from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department in 2022. 

The Betsy Case Has Been Refiled! 

In October 2023, Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney Mike Wood refiled a case against Pam Hupp soon after NBC released its true-crime miniseries The Thing About Pam.” Hupp was accused of stabbing Betsy more than 50 times. The purpose behind this lawsuit was to provide justice to Betsy by getting access to the venue to get more evidence against Hupp. The press release also confirmed that the prosecutors requested that the trial occur closer to the crime scene and last a month. As per St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the trial will take place in the summer of 2025. 

Another Shocking Revelation

Amid the Louis Gumpenberger and Betsy murder case, Hupp is on the radar for killing her mother, Shirley Neumann, 77. This angle appeared when the authorities decided to examine the 2013 death of Neumann. As per the case, the 77-year-old fell from her third-floor balcony. Again, Hupp was the only person who had last seen her m other. After this review, Neumann’s death’s status was changed from “accidental” to “undetermined.” However, Neumann’s daughter hasn’t been found guilty in this case.

Betsy’s Family Talked About Her

Louis Gumpenberger

In 2017, the victim’s family spoke to PEOPLE that they hoped one day her case would be solved. Her sister, Julie Swaney, also remembered her sister and stated she was the positive person in her family. Betsy was everyone’s best friend and always wanted to support them. She even heard other stories and focused on them instead of talking about herself. Swaney added: “I have faith” Betsy’s case would be solved one day.  

This is all about Louis Gumpenberger and Betsy’s murder case. What do you think is Pam Hupp guilty in both cases? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.       

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