April 13, 2024
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Murderville Season 2: Renewed By Netflix? Set To Release In 2023? Check Out

Murderville Season 2

Murder mysteries have taken over all streaming platforms, especially Netflix. The platform is brimming with lots of such content, and one of the most recent additions is Murderville. But, apart from the grave plot, the surreal humor makes the series more interesting. The first season aired in February 2022, and all six episodes kept the viewers engaged till the end. Following season 1, the thirst for Murderville Season 2 is bound to trouble the audience.


Based on the British series Murder in Successville, the series was developed by Krister Johnson. Moreover, the American adaptation has been partially altered in terms of developing fictional characters. The debut installment landed on Netflix on February 3, 2022. It was followed up by a Christmas special on December 15, 2022. Murderville revolves around a detective, Terry Seattle. Along with the clueless celebrity guests, he follows a pile of murder mysteries in the town.

Will There Be Murderville Season 2?

The crime drama was well-received in all aspects. Critics praised the overall setting of the series and provided convincing opinions. Talking about the ratings, IMDB gave 6.9 stars, declaring it as one time watch. In addition, Murderville has an interesting story that should continue further. Hence, the chances for the second season to arrive seem optimistic. Moreover, Netflix has not stated any ongoing development concerning season 2. So, currently, Murderville Season 2 stands on an unclear note.

Murderville season 2
A Still From Muderville

Netflix usually considers the viewership level of a particular series to ensure its renewal. The police procedural drama must garner average viewership on the platform. Hence, it is unlikely that the streaming giant will consider Murderville for another chapter. But, in the coming time, the show can stand at its expected height. Since the story is not continuous and the quality is degraded with each episode, the future of the series is in limbo.

In addition, it has only been a year since the release of season 1, so Netflix can announce the follow-up in the upcoming months. But there are equal chances for it to show up with a cancellation statement.

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What Will Happen Next In Murderville Season 2?

In the debut season, Terry was struggling to get through the investigative process of the murder cases. He was the senior detective in the police department. His ex-wife, Rhinda Jenkins-Seattle, served as the chief of the police. Each episode featured a guest celebrity to work with Terry. Rhonda assigned him the respective guest stars for the investigation. The celebrity was bound to play the role of a detective. Both went through all the pieces of evidence and tried to solve the case. They had to find the killer on the basis of victims and scenarios.

Murderville season 2
Murderville, Netflix

Later on, Rhonda always asked the guest detectives to make their guesses about the killer. If the guess came to be correct, the accused was sent behind bars. On the contrary, if the guess was wrong, the guest was fired, and the culprit was taken to prison.

In the second season, the story might follow the same format. More guests could arrive in Murderville to solve the ghastly murder mysteries. On the other hand, season 2 can also focus on Terry’s personal life. We might see how Terry and Rhonda address their divorce during their jobs at the same place. Hence, Murderville Season 2 will not have a concrete storyline but will have more mystery and humor.

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Murderville Christmas Special

In November 2022, the official report confirmed that Murderville would return with a Christmas special named “Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery.” It was scheduled to be released on December 15 of the same year. With Will Arnett returning to his famous character Detective Terry Seattle, Maya Rudolph and Jason Bateman joined as the celebrity guests. Despite that, the special received only 6.5 solid stars on IMDb, and many are clamoring for Murderville Season 2. As of now, Netflix hasn’t yet confirmed the second season. But it might make an announcement soon.

What Happened In Christmas Special?

Murderville Season 2

The special episode began with Terry meeting a new partner, Jason, assigned to provide security to Santa Claus. However, Santa Claus, aka Johnny Blaze, was stabbed to death, leading the team to investigate the matter. They first grilled Jim, who had a connection with Johnny. After this interview, they met their next suspects, Mia and Donna. While the team had their wrong guesses, Jim revealed he killed Johnny with his girlfriend Angie’s help. It ended with Terry finishing Johnny’s job by distributing the gifts to the orphanage carelessly and ending up with a huge mistake.

With such an ending, it doesn’t look like the show will continue with this storyline. However, there’s a chance that Murderville Season 2 will return with some more intriguing and amusing storylines. It might find Terry in another complicated situation where he has to deal with other murder mysteries. He might get some help as well. However, an official announcement still awaits.

Murderville Season 2: Cast Details

Undoubtedly, Will Arnett will return as Terry Seattle, Haneefah Wood as Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle, and Lilan Bowden as Amber Kang. Phillip Smithey as Darren “Daz” Phillips will also return. However, it remains unclear who else will return for the next season. As of now, nothing has been confirmed. But fans might see some new faces in Murderville Season 2.

Murderville Season 2: Release Date

Murderville season 2
Murderville, Netflix

The American adaptation of Murder in Seccessville is yet to be greenlit by the streaming giant. It seems like Netflix is not planning to announce the restoration soon. Hence, presently, a confirmed date for its release is not out. However, several speculations are making rounds. Even if it receives a renewal by 2023, the show will have to undergo a couple of phases before airing. Nevertheless, Murderville might hit the screens in late 2024.

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