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Fourth Wing

Fourth Wing TV Show: Amazon To Adapt The Dark Fantasy Novel Soon! Release In 2024?

Dragons, kingdoms, and warriors are some of the many things the upcoming Fourth Wing TV Show will give its fans. Known for its world-building and dark academia aesthetic, Rebecca Yaross’ fantasy novel, Fourth Wing, is gearing up to make its TV debut. As a result, fans of the books enthusiastically await news about the show, its cast, and when it will be released. If you’re one of the many fans who want to know the details about the upcoming adaptation, read on.

Fourth Wing is a relatively recent addition to the vast array of fantasy novels. However, it has managed to garner attention from both fans and critics. Despite being released in 2023, it is already getting a follow-up sequel and a series. Moreover, the fact that the Fourth Wing TV Show is already in the works indicates its popularity. The novel is the first installment in the author’s Empyrean Series, and its sequel, Iron Flame, was released in November 2023. Following the first book’s release, it gained popularity on TikTok, which has made many people curious about when the Fourth Wing TV Show will be out.

Fourth Wing TV Show Official Announcement!

The rights to Rebecca Yaross’ new adult fantasy novel Fourth Wing were recently acquired by Amazon MGM studios and Outlier Society, which actor Michael B. Jordan owns. Following the acquisition, the author took to Instagram to announce the adaptation. She expressed her joyous disbelief that the Fourth Wing TV Show is in the works and that the team working on it is excellent.

Fourth Wing TV Show
Fourth Wing

She also said that she can’t wait to see her characters being brought to life. Further, in an interview, Rebecca explained how happy she is. She said Outlier is working on the adaptation because they have a great team and an inclusivity rider. Well, it’s a perfect blend with the author’s style. This is because her characters are diverse, and having producers who respect diversity and inclusivity aligns with her ideologies.

For a fantasy novel to get adapted so quickly after its release, it must mean that it is prevalent. Undoubtedly, Fourth Wing checks off these boxes because not only did it receive praise from critics, but it is also on its way to becoming a cultural phenomenon. The first book in the Empyrean series was released in May 2023 and received favorable reviews on GoodReads. Moreover, the book community on TikTok, commonly called BookTok, was one of the primary driving factors behind the popularity.

Subsequently, Yaross released the sequel to the first book in November 2023. Additionally, the Fourth Wing TV Show was announced just a week before the release of Iron Flame. Combining an engaging story with a lively community has pushed the series to new heights. As a result, many bookstores saw launch parties for the sequel, and the author even attended one in New York City.

Is Fourth Wing TV Show In Development?

Fourth Wing TV Show
Fourth Wing – Rebecca Yarros

Since the announcement of the adaptation of the book, avid fans have wanted to know every detail regarding the show’s status. However, the show has been announced only recently, due to which there has been a lack of information about it. Nonetheless, it is safe to assume that the show will not begin production for a while. The multiple delays caused by the SAG-AFTRA strikes have led many projects to push their production dates. The situation around the strikes will likely be over by the end of 2023. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the Fourth Wing TV Show will begin filming in 2024.

Fourth Wing TV Show: Cast Details!

Similar to the production status, there has been no information regarding the Fourth Wing TV Show cast. The books feature a wide array of characters. As a result, the show will likely have an inclusive and diverse roster of actors. Moreover, Rebecca Yaross and Entangled Publishing’s Liz Pelletier will be the executive producers for the series.

What Is Fourth Wing About?

Fourth Wing is a fantasy novel that follows the 20-year-old protagonist, Violet Sorrengail’s journey in Basgiath War College. The titular character has greying hair, hypermobility, and joint pain, which are symptoms akin to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. In the novel, Violet is part of the dragon-flying Rider Quadrant. The story sees her bond with her dragon as she learns the ways of a warrior to aid in the kingdom’s war efforts. The sequel Iron Flame picks up right after the first book ends. The dragon-riding warrior has to use her newly found abilities to uncover her true powers while her vice commandant has other plans.

Fourth Wing TV Show
Credit: Fourth Wing Fan Art

Is Xaden White?

Xaden is a character in the Fourth Wing novel. Being the protagonist’s primary love interest, the character has garnered a fan following. But, with popularity came some controversy. Fan art depicting the character showed him as a white male despite his description portraying him as a dark-skinned person. Consequently, there were some debates about Xaden’s skin color. Luckily, the author stepped in to clarify that he is not white.

When Will The Fourth Wing TV Show Release?

We might be witnessing the start of something big with the Empyrean series. With more people joining the fandom daily, it is unsurprising that people are waiting to know when the Fourth Wing TV Show will be released. Since there is no information regarding the adaptation’s release date, fans will have to wait a bit more. Just like the author, there are a large number of fans who can’t wait to see the characters being brought to life in The Fourth Wing TV Show. Regardless, people will be vigilant about news or updates about the trendy fantasy novel’s TV show. Follow Techradar247 for updates about The Fourth Wing.

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