March 5, 2024

Industry Season 3: Releasing In 2024? Kit Harington Joins The Cast!

Industry Season 3

The world of investment banking is one with high pressure and challenges, and Industry Season 3 promises to bring more of that world to you. The popular business drama has provided the audiences with episodes full of tension and high stakes. In fact, each episode seems to one-up the previous, and fans love it. However, the last season’s finale saw some significant changes at the investment bank Pierpoint & Co. As a result, fans are inquisitive to know what’s next in the eventful careers of the Industry’s protagonists. Will they make their way back to the investment bank? Or will they face more struggles? Along with questions about the show, fans are curious about when the upcoming season will be released. Let’s find out.


Industry is a business drama show that follows the lives of recent graduates as they step into the corporate world. Pierpoint & Co. is an investment bank in London, and the freshers are trying to earn a permanent spot while dealing with pressure, drama, and drugs. However, the second season shook things up. As a result, things have become very interesting. Read on to know what you can expect from the highly anticipated Industry Season 3.

Industry Season 3
Industry, HBO

Industry Season 3: Renewal Status

The second season of the high-octane corporate drama Industry aired in 2022. Following the nail-biting end finale, many fans hoped for a swift update regarding the upcoming season. And their prayers were answered as the producers gave the green light to Industry Season 3 in October 2022. HBO’s decision to renew the show for a third season excited fans as they would witness the gripping narrative once again.

Was Industry Season 3 Production Delayed?

Nowadays, it is not rare to see producers delaying a show or movie’s production due to the SAG-AFTRA Strikes. The union’s disputes have led to multiple strikes, which started in July 2023 and ended on November 9, 2023. Consequently, fans of the British business drama were worried that the strikes would have adversely affected its production as well. However, the show was more-or-less unaffected by the disputes as the cast and crew worked under the U.K. union, Equity. As a result, it is safe to assume that the show’s filming commenced and carried on without any issues. However, it is worth noting that the producers have yet to reveal when Industry Season 3 began filming and whether it has been completed.

What Will Industry Season 3 Be About?

One of the most enticing things about the Industry is that it gives the audience a glimpse of the money-driven and drug-fueled world of investment banking. The previous season saw some of the protagonists get fired from Pierpoint & Co. But this has opened up more doors for the show. In the upcoming season, the world of Industry will become more expansive as the show introduces new characters and power dynamics. Moreover, Industry Season 3 will focus on a new character, Henry Muck, who is the CEO of a green tech company. As a result, we can assume that Pierpoint & Co. will have a vested interest in the functioning of the new company. The show will take fans on a rollercoaster ride as they get to see if the investment bank’s bets pay off and how ethical Henry Muck’s character is.

Industry Season 3
Industry, HBO

A Brief Recap Of Season 2!

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a refresher before Industry Season 3. The second season built up on the characters and the foundations of the first season. However, by the end of the last episode, there were some significant changes that will shape the upcoming season. The second season’s finale saw Harper, Yasmine, and Dan sacked from Pierpoint & Co., whereas Pierpoint gave Gus and Rishi promotions. Entrepreneur Jesse Bloop hired Gus as an assistant. Meanwhile, in a shocking turn of events, the investment bank fired Harper as she had faked her college results. Yasmine was also sacked as she spoke up about the inappropriate behavior and work culture at Pierpoint. Now, the upcoming season will see the three trying to manage their lives post-Pierpoint while dealing with repercussions for their past actions.

Cast Of Industry Season 3!

The Industry is known for its large number of characters. As a result, certain characters make recurring appearances, while some are regulars. Following the previous seasons, it is likely that fans will get to see the protagonists get plenty of screen time. The upcoming season will prominently feature actors Marisa Abela, Myha’la Herrold, Harry Lawtey, David Jonnson, and Ken Leung. Additionally, famous actor Kit Harrington will be joining the cast.

He will portray the role of Henry Muck. Similarly, Sarah Goldberg will portray the character of Petra Koenig in Industry Season 3. Mickey Down and Konrad Kay have created the investment banking drama. Seasons 1 and 2 of the show had numerous directors working on it, and the upcoming season will likely follow a similar pattern. Meanwhile, Bad Wolf is the production company in charge of Industry.

Industry Season 3: Release Date

Industry Season 3
Industry, HBO

HBO has yet to reveal information regarding the production and the release date of the upcoming season. Since the SAG-AFTRA strikes did not impact the show’s production, it is safe to assume that Industry Season 3 will be released in early 2024. However, Casey Bloys, the CEO of HBO and HBO Max, revealed that the third season of Industry will be released in summer 2024. Although HBO has yet to announce an official release date, fans have already marked their calendars as they can’t wait to dive into Pierpoint & Co. again.

With Industry Season 3 right around the corner, the air is full of excitement. Fans eagerly await what high-pressure, scandalous, and nerve-wracking events unfold at Pierpoint & Co. in the upcoming season. For more updates about Industry Season 3, follow Techradar247.

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