February 29, 2024

Selling Sunset Season 8: Jason Oppenheim Shares There’s More To Come!

Selling The Sunset Season 8

If you’re a fan of the hit reality show based on swanky real estate agents, then there’s some news for you. Recently, some exciting updates about Selling Sunset Season 8 have stirred up excitement in their large and growing fan base. The previous season has left particular doors wide open, and people can’t wait to see how this pans out in the future. Particularly, fans are curious to know about the beef between the cast members. So, what will happen between Nicole and Chrishell? On the other hand, is there a ray of hope for Amanza and Chrishell? There are multiple facets to these dynamic relationships. So, let’s find out what comes next.


Selling Sunset is an American reality show with a unique premise. The Netflix show follows the lives of real estate brokers working at the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles. Luxurious real estate deals, professional relationships, and personal tiffs are a staple in the hit show. Following a successful seventh season, fans can’t help but ask for more of the luxe real estate agents in Selling Sunset Season 8. Read on to learn when you can expect it on your screens.

Is Selling Sunset Season 8 Confirmed?

Reality shows are often long-running. However, several factors on and off-screen could affect the show. Luckily, fans are in for another season of drama and entertainment as Selling Sunset Season 8 has been officially confirmed. Jason Oppenheim, the founder of the Oppenheim Group, broke the news about the renewal. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the real estate broker also gave insights on the show’s future. He explained how the team had set a target of three seasons. But anything more than that was icing. Additionally, he stated how each season of the show is more fun than the previous one and that they will begin filming the upcoming season very soon. This all but confirms that a sequel to the hit reality show is on its way.

Selling The Sunset Season 8
Selling The Sunset

What Can You Expect In Selling Sunset Season 8?

Season 7 of the reality series gave the fans everything that made the previous seasons great, like drama, romance, and relationship problems. It is not a question that the upcoming season will continue to deliver on these fronts and make the show equally enjoyable. However, the previous season left many relationships and friendships in limbo. And now, we expect to see further developments. Furthermore, the cliffhanger ending of the seventh season has put one of the cast members’ fate in the air. Additionally, the recent Selling Sunset reunion episode has shed more light on the status quo at the Oppenheim Group.

What Happened At The Reunion Episode?

Selling Sunset hosts a reunion episode after each season. The episode is an excellent way for fans to get answers to their pressing questions while seeing the cast members in a different setting. In the recent special episode, Tan France, the host, brought up multiple disputes that occurred in the previous season. One such dispute was the one between Chrishell and Nicole. Nicole stated how she hated Chrishell and owned up to it. But there was more to it.

Following the airing of the episode, she explained how she had apologized to Chrishell. But Netflix didn’t include it in the final edit of the episode. Consequently, many fans suspected that Nicole lied about apologizing or that the producers pulled a trick to create more tension for the upcoming season. Some of the cast members were also tied up to a lie detector machine where they were asked some intense questions. As a result, fans got to see the real estate agents under pressure and accountable for their answers. Moreover, Chrishell opened up about her relationship with G-Flip, while Jason Oppenheim was visibly upset about his relationship with Stause.

Selling The Sunset Season 8
Selling The Sunset

Is Jason Oppenheimer Still In Love With Chrishell?

The founder of the Oppenheim Group was previously in a relationship with fellow cast member Chrishell Stause. However, their romance was short-lived, and both had new partners after their breakup. Despite this, there have been rumors about how Jason still has feelings for his ex. Additionally, the reunion episode saw the head of the broking group explain how his relationship with Chrishell meant something and wasn’t just a device to get ratings for the show. Currently, Stause is dating the rapper G-Flip, while Jason is said to be in a relationship with a 30-year-old woman from Vancouver. Fans will now keep an eye on further developments in the case of the two in Selling Sunset Season 8.

Who Is Returning In Selling Sunset Season 8?

The show’s cast is one of the most significant factors that compels many to watch the reality series. As a result, fans are curious to know any updates regarding the cast. Some prominent cast members like Chrishell, Jason, Brett, Emma, Nicole, Amanza, Mary, Nicole, and Chelsea will return in Selling Sunset Season 8. However, Bre ended the previous season on a sour note, which has led to uncertainty about her return. However, it is worth noting that she was present at the reunion, which could be a hint about the future. Meanwhile, Heather had previously explained how she would not be appearing on the show following season 7’s premiere.

Selling Sunset Season 8: Release Date

The reality show about the Oppenheim Group has become a sensation. Understandably, fans are incredibly eager to know when the next season will drop. Although Netflix has renewed the show for the eighth season, it is yet to begin production. If the show follows the previous seasons’ production cycle, Selling Sunset Season 8 will likely be released in May 2024.

Selling The Sunset Season 8
Selling The Sunset

The dynamic personal and professional relationships combined with the real estate world are an excellent package of entertainment and drama. With many feuds yet to be resolved, Selling Sunset Season 8 will undoubtedly be full of intense moments. For more updates about the upcoming season of Selling Sunset, follow Techradar247.

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