June 17, 2024

World On Fire Season 3: Under Development? Boss Hints At Plan Up Till Season 6!

World On Fire Season 3

TV shows and movies based on war often provide a fantastic narrative. With a plethora of fans eagerly waiting for World On Fire Season 3, it is evident that the show has managed to deliver a gripping story and an amazing experience for fans. The show delves around World War 2 and has returned for a second season following a gap of four years. Nonetheless, the sequel has amazingly depicted stories of multiple characters and built upon the same facets that made season one loved by so many fans. Therefore, fans want to know what is in store for them in the next season. Is the show returning for the third season? When will it be out? Luckily, the creator of the show shared some updates. Read on to know what he said.


World On Fire is a British show that first premiered in 2019. After a four-year gap, the series returned for season 2. The war drama chronicles the lives of multiple characters in different places during The Second World War. Furthermore, the show provides a stunning representation of historical events, which has left fans wanting more of the BBC show.

Is World On Fire Season 3 Renewed? Peter Bowker Shares Updates!

Peter Bowker is the creator and writer of the intense war show World On Fire. Following the airing of the second season, he has shared updates regarding the future of the show and what is coming up next. Well, there is some good news for fans as the creator revealed that he is optimistic about the show and already has plans for World On Fire Season 3. Moreover, he added that he has plans up to the show’s sixth season.

World On Fire Season 3
World On Fire

The first season showed the events that took place in 1939. Similarly, the second season was set in 1940. So, the show’s plot would extend up till the war ended in 1945. Additionally, he explained how having a clear idea about the show’s trajectory is essential in case they have to pitch the idea to someone. Although Bowker didn’t officially confirm that World On Fire Season 3 is in the works, his statements have given fans hope that the new season will be out soon.

When Will Season 3 Begin Filming?

The World War-based drama was officially set in motion in 2017. Following the onboarding of Peter Bowker as the writer and other cast members, the show began filming the first season in 2018. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a long delay when it came to the second season’s production. However, the scheduling issues caused further delays. Despite the setbacks, the series’ second instalment completed filming in December 2022. Due to the lack of any official update regarding the upcoming season, the production status of World On Fire Season 3 is still being determined. However, fans can remain optimistic about the show as it returns despite a long gap between the two seasons.

What Will Happen In World On Fire Season 3?

World On Fire chronically depicts the events from the most significant war of all time: World War 2. Consequently, fans can expect World On Fire Season 3 to cover prominent events between 1941 and 1942. Events such as Operation Barbarossa and Pearl Harbor might be in focus. The show’s creator also hinted that the show might see new stories and characters as he aims to focus on the people on the ground during the war. This explains why the second season introduced an Indian soldier and a Polish Spy. Fans can also expect the inclusion of stories from Japan, Korea, the U.S. and other smaller nations in the next season.

World On Fire Season 3
World On Fire

World On Fire Season 3: Cast Details!

The cast of a show like World On Fire is ever-changing. Since it is a war drama, the death of characters is commonplace. As a result, fans will not see Blake Harrison, Sean Bean, and Arthur Darville in the third season. However, Jonah Hauer-King, who plays Harry Chase, and Zofia Wichlacz, who plays Kasia, will return next season. Peter Bowker also expressed that hopefully, Helen Hunt and Brian Smith, who were not present in the second season, will return in the future as the U.S. enters the World War.

Furthermore, we will likely see several new cast members being added to the roster as the story of the show expands. The inclusion of other countries and events that took place during the Second World War will undoubtedly call for additional characters. However, just like the production status of the show, the cast of World On Fire Season 3 is under wraps.

World On Fire Season 3: Release Date

After the second season’s finale, fans are anticipating another season of the gritty war drama. Since the show is yet to receive an official renewal, the release date is a mystery. One of the major concerns for fans is that the show will once again take a long gap. However, it is worth noting that the pandemic was one of the significant factors for the break. Moreover, the BBC has the tendency to not reveal much about their dramas. As a result, it is possible that World On Fire Season 3 will begin production soon. That would set it up for a release date at the end of 2024 or early 2025.

World On Fire Season 3

Despite the lack of clarity regarding the TV show’s future, fans keep their hopes high to see World On Fire Season 3 return sooner. Regardless, if the show carries on the same pattern, fans are in for a couple more seasons of the British show. For more updates regarding World On Fire, follow Techradar247.

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