Days of Our Lives: Brady Relapses As He Blames Himself For Failing As A Good Dad

Days of Our Lives is at a real high point right now with many of the major characters stuck in some terrible situations. Nicole had not even started to get over the loss of her new born baby, and she now fears losing her daughter. Holly’s overdose has put many lives and relationships on line, including her own. But one person who is about to take the biggest hit is Brady! And it will end in a relapse of his own. So keep reading to find out more details!

Brady Feels Helpless As A Father

EJ DiMera is currently out for blood on Days of Our Lives. He too, has gone through a lot in the recent past, but it seems as though he is projecting all of it on Tate. He is not willing to see the boy’s side of the story. All he cares about is making someone pay for what happened to Holly. Brady tried his best to keep his son safe. He even went to the lengths of taking the blame for something Tate didn’t even do. Unfortunately, he failed. Despite Brady’s best efforts, Tate did get arrested and was even denied bail.

DOOL/ Brady tries to save Tate

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Tate is moved to Statesville. Unfortunately, as soon as he arrives there, inmates ambush him and beat him up. When Brady visits Tate at Statesville, he is shattered to see his son injured and suffering behind bars. Being completely absorbed by Tate’s predicament, Brady fails to keep up a meeting with his daughter -Rachel. Kristen is livid, and blames Brady for playing favorites among his children. He is of course aghast at the baseless accusations.

Brady Reaches His Breaking Point and Relapses On Days of Our Lives

The spoilers reveal that things will continue to get worse for Brady in the upcoming Days of Our Lives episodes. After Kristen tears into Brady, even Rachel will lash out at her father. Thus, leaving Brady absolutely heartbroken. During the week of January 15, 2023, one Salem character is going to relapse. And the way the story is going, Brady might be the one. He is already on his wits ends. And now with Rachel too turning against him. It is going to be rock bottom.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Will Brady breakdown?

If this happens, who do you think will come to his rescue? Moreover, will he really be rescuable? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar 247 for more Days of Our Lives news and updates.


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