Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3: Why SynergySP Denies To Return With Final Season This Year?

Since Hiroyuki’s manga series has received a TV adaptation, it has been making waves among the harem-loving audience. Girlfriend, Girlfriend has received critical acclaim based on its performance and animation, and now the audience is clamoring for more. Will there be Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3? Well, the anime has just wrapped up in late 2023. But its cliffhanger ending hints at a potential return of Shino. The character has remained in the shadow for quite a long time, and now she has received the limelight, hinting at more romance and ecchi content in the next season. Will the series return with more romance? Let’s see!

Based on Hiroyuki’s manga series Girlfriend, Girlfriend is a romantic comedy anime that debuted back in 2021. It follows the life of a high schooler, Naoya Mukai, who started dating his childhood friend Saki Saki. Naoya’s other classmate, Nagisa Minase, confessed her feelings when they entered into a relationship. Initially, he rejected her, but later, they entered a relationship. However, things soon become complicated, and the trio decides to live together while dealing with several challenges in their non-monogamous relationship.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3: Is It Renewed?

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3

SynergySP’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend, has recently wrapped up its second season with a bang. Although the first season didn’t receive much appreciation, the second has just turned the table in the studio’s favor. Since the show was renewed for the second season, even though it didn’t receive much acclaim, fans believe the anime will soon return for Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3. However, the studio behind the anime hasn’t yet confirmed this news. The series just wrapped up airing in late December 2023. Thus, it’s quite early to return with another season.

Besides this, the second season also received positive acclaim from the fans. It earned a solid 6.6 stars out of 10 on IMDb. Meanwhile, it gained 6.5 stars on MyAnimeList. Considering the series’ performance on such platforms, it seems like the studio will soon return with Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3. However, nothing has been confirmed at this moment. Typically, the studio takes a few months to make an announcement based on its reception. But if the second season got renewed despite its poor performance, the chances are high that the next season might return soon.

But It May Take Longer To Return

As we said earlier, neither SynergySP nor the official anime page has confirmed Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 news. Many believe the studio might soon make an announcement. But there’s a catch! Tezuka Productions produced the first season, and later, SynergySP took over to animate the sophomore run. Thus, whether the studio will return to make the third season remains unclear. Well, there’s a debut going on other social media platforms. While some believe the latter studio will return to produce the following season, others think a new studio house will take over this time.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3

So, the anime stands uncertain at this moment. Hence, guessing whether the anime return with the next season becomes more complicated. Things are pretty complex. But the animation work enhanced a lot in the second season. This is the reason why the show has gained critical acclaim compared to its pilot season. Based on this, many think SynergySP might return to produce more seasons. However, Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 is currently unannounced. But can it return? If it does, it might take a longer time.

This is because SynergySP is currently busy with other projects. It is currently producing Mr. Villan’s Day Off and Salad Bowl Of Eccentrics. Both the animes are scheduled to return in Winter 2024 and Spring 2024. Considering their release time, it seems the studio will need more time to return to produce Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3. This also makes fans wonder whether the studio will produce the third season. There’s a chance that another studio house may show up to produce the following season of the series.

Is There Enough Source Material?

Typically, animes are based on light novels or manga series. Just like any other anime, Girlfriend, Girlfriend is also based on Hiroyuki’s manga series. It started serialization in March 2020 in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine and ended in May 2023. The manga series has sixteen tankobon volumes. So far, the anime series has been adapted till Chapter 91, wrapping up the Okinawa Trip arc. Since it has covered till Volume 10, there’s enough source material left to explore in Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3. Thus, considering the abundance of source material, it seems like the studio will soon return with another season.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3

But again, there’s a slight catch! Since the manga has ended with 144 chapters, there are now only 53 chapters left to explore. It might not be enough to cover in more seasons. The chapters can be adapted into 12 episodes, marking Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 as the final season of the anime series. If the studio decides to return with more seasons, then it might return with anime-original content to explore more. But the anime particularly adapts the source material so that the third season may return as the series’ final season. Again, nothing has been confirmed to this moment, as an official announcement still awaits.

Popularity Might Hinder The Chance Of Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3

Coming to the popularity factor, the anime debuted in 2021 but didn’t receive much reception. Well, harem and romantic comedies generally have a separate fanbase compared to the action genre. But the first season didn’t surprise its audience, unlike the recently dropped The 100 Girlfriends anime. So, it leaves the anime’s fate up in the air. However, Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 2 returned with a bang. In terms of popularity, the sophomore season had done remarkably well. This makes fans hopeful that Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 will also return soon.

What Might Have Happen In Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3?

In the second season finale, Shino confesses her feelings to Naoya in front of the rest of the people, including Saki Saki. However, Naoya rejected her, leaving her heartbroken. Despite that, she didn’t give up and instead stayed hopeful. She also spoke with Naoya, asking whether he would accept her after making Minase and Saki Saki happy. Unfortunately, the player accepted her offer and agreed to make her a part of Naoya’s harem along with Minase, Saki Saki, and Rika.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3

So, if Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3 returns, it might continue with Shino and Naoya’s storyline. She has finally come out of her shell and confessed her feelings, which is a huge step for her. And since the protagonist has decided to make her happy after fulfilling his girlfriend’s desire, it seems like the next season will intensely focus on their relationship. Shino will try her best to make Naoya see her feelings. But this will also bring trouble down the road. This is because Rika, Minase, and Saki Saki won’t favor sharing Naoya. So, the next installment will indeed bring several challenges to the group’s life.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3: Release Date

As mentioned above, SynergySP is currently busy working on other projects; it may take time to produce Girlfriend, Girlfriend Season 3. Considering this, it doesn’t seem like the anime will return this year. If the series gets confirmed, the third season will presumably be the series’ final season. Considering the anime takes 12 months to wrap up production, we expect the third season to be released in the fall of 2025. Again, an official announcement has yet to be made. We will update you soon. Till then, stay with TechRadar247, and we will keep you updated.

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