February 22, 2024
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Days of Our Lives: Brady Has A Big Complicated Week Ahead With Theresa and Kristen

Days of Our Lives

Brady Black is one of the most loved characters on Days of Our Lives. However, his history is rather tricky on Salem’s canvas. While he is a good guy, he really has pulled some questionable stunts. Like, his past as a drug-addict keeps coming back to haunt him. Something similar is going on these days on the Peacock soap. After Holly’s OD, EJ is out for vengeance. And his entire heat is raging down on Tate, solely on the basis that his parents were drug addicts, so perhaps he is one too. Not accepting even for one minute, that the drugs really could belong to Holly.


Thus, it does not come as a surprise that Brady is taking it all on himself on Days of Our Lives. He feels Tate is bearing the brunt of his past, and that he has failed as a father. “We’re talking about Brady Black, who’s not only an addict, but has gone through the ringer,” he tells Soap Opera Digest. So it is understandable that at this specific juncture he feels he is failing as a father and letting his children down. However, this might actually bring a breakthrough in his life with the mothers of both his children.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Brady is dejected over failing to protect Tate

Since Brady missed his daddy-daughter date with Rachel, Kristen comes blazing in to lash at him on Days of our Lives. However, when he opens up to her about what had actually happened to Tate, she s oftens. Not only does she give him another chance to spend time with their daughter. She also reminds him that he is a good person. And that means a lot coming from the woman who took full custody of their daughter from him, says Eric Martsolf. Brady just breaks into Kristen’s arms after that. “Sometimes it takes tragic events to bring about some good things,” he points.

But that’s not all, he also these scenes coming up that will help him bond with Theresa too, on Days of Our Lives. Brady and Theresa go to meet Tate at Statesville. They find him beaten up and with a black eye. Expectedly, they are shocked and heartbroken. But there is really nothing they can do. Especially, with EJ as the D.A., wanting nothing but blood. So Eric tries to talk to Nicole, but she asks him to leave. Obviously, she does not want to believe that her daughter is in the wrong here. “They are at an impasse,” Eric shrugs. He wants to believe his son is right, and Nicole wants to believe that her daughter is.

DOOL/ Brady and Theresa connect over Tate

Amid the whole mess, Alex fires Justin as Tate’s attorney on Days of Our Lives. This infuriated Brady even more. He feels that it is not Alex’s place to take these decision. Thus, he and Theresa have a face-off, both piling blame on each other. However, eventually, they get past their conflict. After all, their son is more important that anything else. So they decide to stand united. Do you think in the upcoming episodes, Brady may find himself torn between the two women? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar 247 for more Days of Our Lives updates.

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