Days of Our Lives: Is Wendy Shin Leaving Now That Li Is Gone?

Days of Our Lives: Is Wendy Shin Leaving Now That Li Is Gone?

Days of Our Lives has been around for several decades now. And when a soap is on for that long, it is inevitable that many new characters will come in, while some old ones will fall off the canvas. Something that we have been witness to far many times. 2023 itself saw many such departures. Including, Megan Hathaway her son – Dimitri, and the recently deceased – Li Shin. But now, could his bereaved sister Wendy be on her way out too? Let’s find out!

Those who tuned into the previous episode of Days of Our Lives, saw Wendy bidding Tripp a heartbreaking goodbye and took off for China. Meanwhile, Tripp told her that he couldn’t leave Salem, and stayed back. But is it really the end of their story, and the last we have seen of her? Honestly, we don’t think so. For one- if Wendy leaves, it will be the end of the Shin family in Salem. Moreover, this would also leave the mystery behind Li’s death unresolved.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Wendy says bye to Tripp

Oh, that is if Li is dead at all on Days of Our Lives. Because, quite honestly, we have our doubts! There was absolutely no build up to that. It just happened out of the blue. As if it was written in just to write Gabi off. Besides, there are many hush-hushes going around about Gabi being recast. So if she’s back, maybe Li can be too! Perhaps Li’s murder was actually faked. We have seen multiple people come back from ACTUAL deaths. So, this is just a piece of cake!

Is It Time For Li To Come Back and Join Wendy On Days of Our Lives?

But if Gabi has to be exonerated, and Li has to be discovered, then someone needs to do it on Days of Our Lives. Currently, Salem P.D. a.k.a. Rafe is wholly committed to the drug menace and EJ’s vendetta. So, that leaves only one person who can get personally invested in this story- Wendy Shin. Besides, some spoilers reveal that Trip is about to get a huge surprise next week. So, we are willing to bet that Wendy returns! All in all, we don’t think it is time yet to completely write off the Shins!

DOOL/ Could Li still be alive?

What do you say? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to for more Days of Our Lives updates and news.

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