The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6: NBC Plans To Continue With The Talk Show Till 2025!

Although recent years have seen the popularity of talk shows dying, Kelly Clarkson’s talk show has proved to be an outlier as fans eagerly wait for an update on The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6. On November 17, 2023, the talk show achieved the milestone of 727 episodes. This proves that fans love the shenanigans of the American Idol winner. However, it has also led to curiosity regarding the show’s future. Has NBC renewed the show for the sixth season? Who will the guests be? And when will it air? Read on as we answer these questions.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is a variety talk show that premiered on NBC in September 2019. As a musician, the host, Kelly Clarkson, has created a unique variety talk show full of wholesome moments, humor, and celebrities. This combination has gotten the daytime talk show a dedicated fan base that tunes in daily. Although talk shows run for multiple seasons, there is always a possibility that broadcasters might make a decision to cancel them. Consequently, fans want to know if there will be The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6. Well, let’s find out.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6: Has The Show Been Renewed For Season 6?

Fans can rest assured knowing that the variety talk show has been renewed for the sixth season. Since it’s a talk show, it is typically renewed for multiple seasons at a time. In 2020, NBC renewed the show for its third and fourth season until 2023. Similarly, on November 7, 2022, the show was extended until 2025 for its fifth and sixth seasons. Moreover, considering the reception the show has received in the past, it doesn’t seem likely that the singer-songwriter will be off our screens anytime soon.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6
Kelly Clarkson, NBC

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6: Production Status!

The recent strikes in the entertainment industry affected the production of almost every TV Show and movie. Unfortunately, The Kelly Clarkson Show wasn’t spared either. In May 2023, production of the variety show was halted due to the strikes. However, the producers of the show had several unaired episodes, which came in hand until filming resumed. The show was initially being shot at the Universal City Studios in Los Angeles.

However, season 5 saw some changes in the production. Kelly Clarkson wanted to move the production from the West to the East Coast as it would allow her to be closer to her family in North Carolina. As a result, the current season and The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6 will be filmed and produced at Studio 6-A at NBC Studios in Manhattan, New York. Moreover, the move to The Big Apple allowed the singer to be closer to Broadway and work in theatre.

Martha Stewart Talks About Thanksgiving On The Kelly Clarkson Show

For fans curious about the current happenings in the pop singer’s show, then look no further. On a recent episode, celebrity chef Martha Stewart shared her Thanksgiving experience. The 82-year-old explained how she had to cook more than a dozen turkeys for her TV shows and still has a few more to go. Moreover, the celebrity chef said that she had to cancel her Thanksgiving dinner plans as someone got sick. Due to this, she will be visiting her friends for different meal courses. Kelly Clarkson replied to the chef, saying she would have lied about cooking and asked someone else to cook if the veteran chef had come over to her house.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6
Kelly Clarkson

What’s Next For The Kelly Clarkson Show?

Many people are anticipating The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6, but at the same time, there are fans who want to know what’s next in the current season. The upcoming episodes are geared up and packed with several celebrity guests. Some of these names include country singer Garth Brooks, along with comic Mark Birbiglia and author Jason Reynolds. The upcoming episodes are going to keep fans entertained throughout Thanksgiving all the way till the holiday season, when the show will feature special episodes and guests.

Who Is Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on April 24, 1982. The American singer burst onto the scene after winning the first season of “American Idol” in 2002. This helped her get a massive fan base from the get-go. Clarkson’s hits, like “Since U Been Gone” and “Stronger,” showcase her undeniable vocal talent and catchy tunes. Additionally, her singing talent and likeable personality have made her a staple on daytime television with her award-winning talk show. The singer has been in the public eye since her appearance on the singing reality show. Since then, she has been an unstoppable force in music as well as on television. Apart from dishing out amazing music, she has also acted in a few movies and even served as a judge on the reality show The Voice.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6: Cast Details!

The upcoming season brings anticipation about the guests and cast of the show. Since the fifth season is still airing, any information regarding the celebrities who will appear in the next season is unknown. But indeed, Kelly Clarkson will return as the talk show host. Besides her, fans will see some of the famous celebrities dishing about their lives in the next season as well.

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6
Kelly Clarkson

The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6: Release Date

News about the talk show’s renewal has got fans curious about when the next season will air. NBC has yet to provide an official The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6 release date. But looking at the previous seasons, we can safely predict that the singer’s show will return in September or October 2024.

The 41-year-old singer has managed to captivate the hearts of millions through her daytime variety show. As a result, the show has won multiple awards and accolades. The Kelly Clarkson Show Season 6 is on its way, and it will definitely bring with it laughs, excellent music, and hearty moments. For more updates about The Kelly Clarkson Show, follow Techradar247.

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