Days Of Our Lives: Brady Breaks Down In Kristen’s Arms, A New Chapter Begins For Jilted Exes

Days Of Our Lives: Brady Breaks Down In Kristen’s Arms, A New Chapter Begins For Jilted Exes

Life is a living hell for Brady at the moment on Days of Our Lives. Having to watch your son take prison beatings is no joke. Especially when you know that your son is behind bars despite being innocent. Thus, it is understandable that he has his hands full with Tate and then some. In the light of the same, in the upcoming episodes, Brady forgets his daddy-daughter date with Rachel. Something which rubs Kristen the wrong way, and she comes in all guns blazing! But something that Brady says makes Kristen melt. Keep reading to find out what changes between these frosty exes.

Kristen Confronts Brady

Brady is so preoccupied with trying to get Tate free from his unfair imprisonment on Days of Our Lives, that he completely forgets that he was supposed to meet Rachel. Of course, when he does not show up, Rachel is hurt. Perhaps, she tells her mom that maybe Brady does not love her anymore or does not want to see her. So, during the week of January 8, 2024, Kristen rages over to confront Brady. She rips into him for ditching Rachel and hurting her feelings.

DOOL/ Kristina arrives to confront Brady

Thankfully, Marlena witnesses the showdown and calls for a cease-fire on Days of Our Lives. She urges Kristen to allow Brady to explain himself, and he does. He opens up to Kristen about the ordeal Tate is suffering due to Holly’s OD and EJ’s unjustified vengeance. Upon hearing the full story, Kristen immediately softens. Of course, she understands what it feels like to see your child suffer. Or what it is like to suffer in their absence. She herself has stayed sans Rachel for extended periods.

Brady Crumbles In Kristen’s Arms On Days Of Our Lives

Kristen allows Brady to be vulnerable on Days of Our Lives. When he confesses that he feels like a failure for not being able to help Tate. She reminds him that he is a good dad. She comforts him by telling him that he is a good person at his core. Hearing such warm and moving words from Kristen, Brady completely breaks down in her arms. Kristen, too, lets him take a moment to let it all out as she continues to soothe and comfort him.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Brady breaks down in Kristen’s arms

Now, given their complex romantic history, we can’t help but wonder if this close moment will open the floodgates for some intense feelings between them on Days of Our Lives. As much as many Kristen fans would love that, it might not happen. At least not right now. This whole moment between them was about Brady being vulnerable and Kristen showing that she does have a heart. Besides, spoilers say that down the line, some new conflicts are waiting for both of them.

However, if you could have your way, would you like them to rekindle a romance? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more pressing Days of Our Lives updates and spoilers.

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