Days Of Our Lives: Tate ATTACKED Behind Bars, Theresa And Brady Fear Son’s Safety At Statesville

EJ Dimera is a raging bull on Days of Our Lives these days. He is so blinded by rage that he is legit failing to see right from wrong. Amid Holly Jonas’ drug overdose tragedy, all he cares about is making someone pay. And unfortunately, at this point, he doesn’t even care if that person is guilty or innocent. As it turns out, Tate- the scapegoat is very much innocent. But he will soon be facing a horrendous nightmare of his own behind bars, thanks to EJ! Find out all the details below!

Even though Tate is still a minor, EJ, as Salem’s District Attorney, has ensured that the boy be tried as an adult on Days of Our Lives. EJ is proposing that Tate committed a grave crime that can amount to manslaughter. Thus, he must be tried as an adult. He even ensured that the teen’s bail was rejected on the grounds of him being a flight risk, with all the family wealth at his disposal. Thus, Tate is awaiting trial at Statesville among actual hardened criminals.

DOOL/ Tate is arrested

Tate Is Beaten Up On Days Of Our Lives

The spoilers for the week of January 8, 2024, reveal that when Brady and Theresa arrive at Statesville to meet Tate, they are in for a huge shock. They find their son with a black eye, and visibly shaken on Days of Our Lives. Turns out, he was ambushed the minute he arrived at the prison facility and beaten up. They are horrified by the sight and hit the panic button. Unfortunately, nothing will come of it as EJ refuses to budge from his stance. Later, Theresa asks Brady to get help from Nicole.

The Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that when Brady goes to meet Nicole, it ends badly. Something he says rubs the tortured mother the wrong way, and she kicks him out of the DiMera mansion without help. So, it seems that Tate’s ordeal will continue for much longer. But will it really end on a good note or a bad one? Tate seriously is just a kid and stands no chance against the criminals in jail.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Can Tate survive Statesville?

So, if he is not out of Statesville soon, he may even suffer to the point of meeting a grim fate. Do you think Holly will wake up in time to clear Tate’s name? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives updates.


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