March 5, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives: Holly Exits Salem? Needs Treatment Away

Days of Our Lives entered 2024 on a rather dramatic note, with Holly overdosing at the NYE bash. The teen has been battling for life in a coma ever since. Meanwhile, smitten kitten Tate is biting dust and taking beatings behind bars despite being innocent. All thanks to Holly’s D.A. step daddy – EJ DiMera. Until now, Holly’s health updates had been crawling at a snail’s pace. But the spoilers reveal that the upcoming episodes will bring a major shift for her. That will ultimately take her away from Salem.


During the week of January 15-19, 2024, Holly’s condition will see some changes for the better on Days of Our Lives. While it won’t be an out-and-out breakthrough, it will still be enough to bring her mother some hope. The Salem University Hospital staff and doctors, including Tripp, are doing their best for the ailing teen. Fortunately, it will bring some improvement for her. However, the hospital is not equipped enough for the next round of treatments she will require to make a full recovery.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Eric and Nicole at Holly’s bedside

Thus, in the upcoming Days of Our Lives episodes, Tripp and Kayla may suggest to Nicole and EJ a medical facility better suited for Holly’s condition. Of course, with her best interest in mind and money, not an issue, Nicole and EJ will readily agree to move Holly to whatever place can give her the best treatment. Propelling her to a faster and better recovery. So, fans can keep a tissue box handy for the January 19, 2024 episode. Because that’s when Nicole and all other loved ones will bid Holly farewell, as she is taken away to her new place of treatment.

Is This The End For Ashley Puzemis Out Of Days Of Our Lives

The spoilers reveal that Nicole will stay back in Salem while Holly is taken away for treatment on Days of Our Lives. However, this is only a temporary exit for the young star. Ashley is still very much a part of the DOOL cast. Thus, it is likely that this off-canvas stint will be rather short. She has filmed plenty of scenes that are yet to air. So, neither Ashley nor Holly is done with the Peacock soap yet! And we are happy to know that! Because Ashley shines as bright as Holly!

DOOL/ Ashley Puzemis as Holly Jonas

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on Holly’s condition and return to Salem.

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