Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of January 15-19, 2024: Good News For Tate, Theresa Goes Missing

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week Of January 15-19, 2024: Good News For Tate, Theresa Goes Missing

Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week of January 15-19, 2024, reveal that temperatures will soar high in Salem as many characters clash with each other while some indulge in nights of passion. The highlight will be Tate getting some sort of relief from his prison nightmare. Justin Kiriakis will bring it, so Alex will have a difficult time facing his father – ex-father. Also, watch out for a new mystery surrounding Theresa, Konstantin, and John. Find more details below.

Nicole Says Bye To Holly, Tate Gets Relief

It appears as though Nicole has finally accepted that baby Jude is not her son or could be pretending to do so on Days of Our Lives. As the spoilers reveal, during the week of January 15-19, 2024, Nicole will tell Sloan to savor every moment with her baby. As she just lost her own baby boy and might potentially lose her daughter too. Later, some medical developments will get underway for Holly, and she will be shipped off to a new care facility better suited for her current situation. So watch out for a tearful send-off from Nicole. Although, the spoilers say Holly will be back in Salem soon.

DOOL/ Nicole says bye to Holly

Days of Our Life spoilers reveal that Justin Kiriakis will bring some good news for Brady and Theresa next week. So, it may have something to do with him securing a bail order for Tate after his prison beating. Or at least a transfer to a much safer facility while the teen awaits trial. After witnessing this, Days spoilers say Alex will owe him an apology despite his initial attempt to fire Justin. Elsewhere, in Salem, as Martin Luther King Jr. Day rolls in, Jada-Rafe and Chanel-Johnny head out for a double date. Meanwhile, Eric and Sloan have an awkward dinner with John and Marlena. Elsewhere, Xander and Sarah share a special moment when he realizes that she has moved all her stuff to their place.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Theresa Vanishes, Harris And Ava Fight

A new mystery springs out on Days of Our Lives during the week of January 15, 2024, when Theresa goes missing. Alex and Brady panic and join forces in an attempt to find her. Their rescue mission is eventually successful when they manage to find Theresa. But what exactly happened to her? There have been some hints about a relapse. So, could she be the one falling off the wagon? Or could her disappearance be Konstantin-related? Speaking of him, in the upcoming episodes, he also blackmails John with his “The Pawn” past secrets.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Theresa is missing

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Harris and Ava will have a huge showdown. Stefan, too, will get involved and ask Harris to back the hell off. Harris, however, will feel torn as he has very deep romantic feelings for Ava and can’t stop worrying about her safety. Speaking of safety, Lucas will get compromised behind bars when he gets injured due to Harris’ plan. Moreover, when Kate finds out about her son’s predicament, she is livid. Will she tear into Harris for getting her son into trouble? Stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more pressing Days of Our Lives updates on that!

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