June 15, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives: Steve Burton Is OUT, A Volatile Love Triangle To Rise Between Stefan-Gabi-Ava

Gabi Hernandez DiMera is living a literal nightmare on Days of Our Lives these days. Thanks to Li Shin’s ultimate revenge, Gabi is holding on to dear life behind bars. As fans will remember, Li named Gabi as his assailant before dying. Moreover, it didn’t help her case at all that she was standing over his dead body with a knife in hand. Although she might actually be innocent, in Salem these days, it’s more like guilty until proven innocent. Take Tate’s case, for example!


However, some Days of Our Lives spoilers and rumors suggest that Rafe will manage to win Gabi her freedom in episodes to come. This would, of course, come as a huge relief to the newlywed, and she would head straight to DiMera Mansion to meet her hubby. Unfortunately, this is where things might completely go off-rails. As viewers know, Stefan and Ava are currently faking an affair as their cover story. While they both- work for and work against Clyde Weston.

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DOOL/ Ava and Stefan kiss

Chances are, when Gabi arrives, she may walk in on an intimate moment between Stefan and Ava on Days of Our Lives. You know, faking an affair has a way of turning into a full-blown passionate affair on soaps! We have seen that go down way too many times before. Besides, Ava still has lingering feelings for Jake DiMera, and being close to Stefan reminds her of her time with him. And with Gabi away, it is possible that a sad, lonely, and stressed Stefan may seek solace for real in Ava’s arms.

So, if Gabi was to witness that, she would explode on Days of Our Lives. Making way for a burning love triangle between the three of them! Especially, now that Steve Burton is out of DOOL, Harris’ time in Ava’s life is limited. Meanwhile, there has been no news of Tamara Braun exiting the Peacock soap. So if she stays on, she needs a story! And we know how much this soap loves spinning this complicated web of relationships!

DOOL/ Gabi confronts Stefan

Honesty, we are all in for this one on Days of Our Lives. Stefan and Ava do have oodles of chemistry. Add to that the volatile Gabi, and you have sure shot fireworks! So, yeah, if that happens, we will be hooked! What about you? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more exhilarating Days of Our Lives updates.

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