June 18, 2024
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Rebelde Season 3: Netflix Called It A “Done Deal” After Renewal!

Rebelde Season 2

No doubt, Elite school teen dramas are more famous on Netflix these days than before. After Netflix Elite gained massive popularity, the streaming giant added plenty of such shows to its streaming list. One such show is Rebelde, which debuted last year, and soon after its premiere, fans are going insane. Well, no doubt, the show beautifully portrayed the mysterious and enigmatic youth. But the last season’s cliffhanger left fans wondering how things will move in Rebelde Season 3. But the most crucial question here is whether season 3 will happen. Well, we have bittersweet news for the series fans. So, let’s head to see what Netflix is up to.


Netflix’s Rebelde is a continuation of 2004’s Argentine telenovela “Rebelde Way” by Cris Morena. However, the Mexcian teen drama has its own unique storyline that follows the life of elite school students who are good at cultural activities. But they are indifferent toward schoolwork and academics. However, things take a drastic turn when an infamous group makes their way to the elite school, which creates a complication for the students.

Is Rebelde Season 3 Happening?

Rebelde Season 3

Netflix’s teen drama Rebelde, which served as the reboot of the 2004 hit series, has joined the streaming’s cancelation list. Well, the show debuted back in 2022 and soon made huge headlines. This is because the teen drama focuses on a group of school students who embark on their journey in an Elite Private School. While the show had a similar theme to Netflix’s Elite, it didn’t make it to Rebelde Season 3. In May 2023, the streaming giant announced its decision to end the show with two seasons. While the second season got renewed soon after the series debut, the streaming giant took almost a year to announce the fate of the third season.

However, the abrupt cancelation startled fans as they were hoping to see their favorite characters back. Well, the show ended on a cliffhanger note, leaving a slight hope for its return. But Netflix has remained mum regarding re-considering its decision. Besides this, the streaming platform has yet to announce the reason behind its cancelation. The cancelation news also came as a huge surprise for avid fans as the series cast had already hinted at the possibility of Rebelde Season 3. Thus, it remains unclear why Netflix abruptly canceled the show.

But Cast Hinted At A Potential Sequel

While Netflix announced its decision this May, the series star Leonardo de Lozanne, who played Marcelo Colucci, hinted at the possibility of Rebelde Season 3. In January 2022, Leonardo told GQ Mexico that the streaming giant had already greenlit the show for the third season. He stated the show was secretly renewed, just like its sophomore season. That is quite common in the case of Netflix, as it did the same with Virgin River, which has five successful seasons so far. Besides this, Leonardo also stated that the show was expected to undergo production soon.

Rebelde Season 3

Speaking of its filming details, both the first seasons underwent production back-to-back. Thus, it was expected that Rebelde Season 3 filming would begin soon, too. It was expected to start in the summer of 2022. But it never happened, and now the show had met an abrupt ending; it wouldn’t undergo filming. However, Leonardo wasn’t the only actor who teased that the third season was expected to return. Sergio Mayer Mori also told Hola! Mexico that the show would return with the third season. The actor who played Esteban Torres, told the magazine that Rebelde wasn’t a “done deal.”

He also shared his desire to return with the third, fourth, and fifth seasons of Rebelde. Mori also teased that the series producer had stated that the streaming giant wanted to continue with the show. But the actor revealed that they all were surprised by Netflix’s decision. It remained unclear why the streaming giant canceled the show. In fact, the producer was also working on negotiating a deal with the streaming platform. However, it didn’t look like the show would return with another season.

Reason Behind Rebelde Season 3 Cancelation

For the time being, Netflix hasn’t yet revealed the reason behind Rebelde Season 3 cancelation. Well, the streamer ordered the second season a few days after its debut. But it isn’t the case with Rebelde Season 3. Although the second season was released in mid-2022, the streaming giant axed the third. While the exact reason behind this abrupt cancellation remains a mystery, it’s expected that the viewership has played a role in the series’ cancelation. Although the teen drama did attract a global audience, the show failed to garner the viewership that Netflix was looking for.

Rebelde Season 3

Further, some sources claimed that Rebelde Season 2 didn’t do well in terms of rating. While the first season was a blockbuster hit, season 2 failed to attract great viewership. In fact, the second season left the Top 10 chart on Netflix a week after its debut. As for the pilot season, it remained in the Top 10s for almost a month. So, the show’s viewership played a crucial role in Rebelde Season 3’s cancelation. Despite that, Rebelde gained almost 6.4 stars on IMDb while breaking records on Rotten Tomatoes. It earned 82% approval ratings from the audience and two BreakTudo Awards nomns.

Petition Is Signed To Revive Rebelde Season 3

While Netflix canceled the series, fans aren’t done with the show. They are still clamoring for more of the teen drama. This is why many went to Change.org to sign a petition to renew their favorite series. It was signed on July 30, 2022, with a goal to reach 500 signatures. But unfortunately, the petition has only reached 382 signatures so far. Even a renewal campaign was started on X, formerly known as Twitter. However, it wasn’t enough to change the streaming giant’s decision. In order to catch Netflix’s eye, the campaign should get more signatures, around thousands. If it happens, then there’s a chance for Rebelde Season 3.

Rebelde Season 3 Cast: Who Could Have Returned?

While Netflix canceled Rebelde Season 3, it was expected the main star cast to return for the next season if it could ever get renewed. Azul Guaita would reprise her role as Jana Gandia Cohen. Along with her, Franco Masini as Luke Colucci, Sergio Mayer Mori as Esteban Torres/Colucci, and Andrea Chaparro as Maria Jose Sevilla could have returned. Joining them would be Jeronimo Cantillo as Guillermo Alvarez, Lizeth Selene as Andrea Agosti, and Alejandro Puente as Sebastian Langarcia.

Rebelde Season 3

The other cast members include Giovanna Grigio as Emilia Alo and Estefania Villarreal as Director Celinca Ferrer. Flavio Medina might have returned as a flashback in the third season, as his character Gus Baumann died in the second season. Further, Alejandro Puente’s return was doubtful as his character graduated in the second season. There was a chance that some new faces would join the third season. Other casts included Karla Sofia Gazcon as Lourdes and Saak as Okane.

What Might Have Happened In Rebelde Season 3?

In the season finale, fans saw Esteban win the music competition. He believed Bauman was a murderer, and this caused him to avoid the Trend-Z Awards performance. Because of this, he managed to stop the producer from hurting the winner. But during this process, he unintentionally caused the death of the producer. As for Luka, he ended up with Okane after recovering from his near-death experience. Meanwhile, Marcelo helped Esteban escape police custody, resulting in Okane’s arrest. Soon after being set free from police custody, Esteban returned to Jana while Sebastian and other fellow students graduated.

Rebelde Season 3

So, the potential third season could have focused on the aftermath of Okane’s arrest. Okane was suspected of killing Baumann. But to protect Esteban’s life, Marcelo might have proposed that Okane had accidentally killed Bauman. Now that Bauman died, Celina would be in charge of everything, and she might reintroduce The Battle Of The Bands. It might also have led to Without Name reuniting. If everything had worked as per Marcelo’s plan, then chances were high that Okane would soon get free from police custody and could travel across the US with Ruka as they planned before.

Rebelde Season 3: Is There Any Trailer?

Well, the streaming giant has officially canceled Rebelde Season 3. This is why there’s no official trailer for the third season. Netflix generally drops the trailer just a few months before the show’s premiere. Since the streaming giant has already canceled the show, the chances of receiving its trailer are minimal. But till then, enjoy watching the Rebelde Season 2 trailer.

Rebelde Season 3: Release Date

As mentioned above, Netflix has already canceled the show after its two successful seasons. Although the star hinted at the third season’s possibility, there is no chance of its return. Speaking of the Rebelde Season 3 release date, it will return to the screens if it gets revived in the future. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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