June 16, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives: Ava And Stefan’s Closeness Marks Harris’ Exit From Salem

Days of Our Lives Spoilers- Harris

Ava and Stefan are treading extremely harsh waters on Days of Our Lives. One wrong move, and they both go spiraling down. Currently, their sole mission is to somehow break free from Clyde Weston’s chokehold. Thus, as part of their scheme the two are pretending to be having an affair. However, all treacheries must come at a cost. And this one might just cost Ava her real lover.


The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that in the upcoming episodes, Harris raids the restaurant Ava and Stefan are using as a drug front for Clyde. As one could expect, many feathers are ruffled. Later, Harris confronts Ava at the docks. Perhaps over the findings from the drugs, as well as her “growing closeness” with Stefan. After all, news of things like sweltering hot affairs spreads rather fast in Salem, don’t they?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Ava and Stefan pretend to be a couple

Time For Harris To Leave Salem On Days Of Our Lives

At the docks, Stefan comes to Ava’s rescue and makes Harris back off from her. Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Stefan gives Harris a rather strong message. Following this, a disheartened Harris confides in Rafe. He confesses how he really feels about Ava and how much he is struggling in the wake of all that she is up to with Stefan. Now, although Ava is actually pretending to be Stefan’s boo, Harris may start believing the hoax to be actually true.

We know that actor Steve Burton has exited Days of Our Lives. He has already filmed his final scenes as Harris in late 2023. So, considering that DOOL films a couple of months in advance and we are already in the middle of Jan, there could only be a limited stretch left for him on the canvas. Moreover, the fact that most of his storylines revolved around Ava, his exit also perhaps comes from there. This leaves us with two possibilities. Either Harris rescues Ava from Clyde’s clutches, and they both leave Salem.

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Will Harris lose Ava for good?

Or, Harris leaves alone and heartbroken, thinking he has lost Ava to Stefan on Days of Our Lives. Thus opening the door to a whole new storyline for Ava and Stefan to develop real feelings for each other. Just in time for recast, Gabi to step in! Now, that would be more soapy, right? But, if it was up to you, which end would you choose for Harris? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more Days of Our Lives news and updates.

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