February 29, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives BTS Photo Leak Alert! Unexpected Wedding Underway!!

Looks like the wedding season is not over just yet on Days of Our Lives. We recently saw EJ tie the knot with Nicole, followed by Eric taking the vows with Sloan. Soon after, there was chatter about another wedding coming up in the form of – Stephanie and Chad. But that relationship is already bulldozed. In fact, Steph has even begun to move on toward a new romance with ex-boyfriend Everett Lynch.


So, which other couple could really be on the verge of tying the knot in Salem? Well, actor Robert Scott Wilson posted a BTS photo from his Days of Our Lives dressing room. Looking pretty much like a groom! We know Alex has recently started dating Brady’s ex – Theresa! But could they already be fast-tracking their relationship to get married? Wouldn’t that be too soon, even for a soap?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Robert Scott Wilson’s BTS photo

Considering that Days of Our Lives films a few months in advance, there will still be time for their relationship to grow. Moreover, we have seem how lonely Alex had been previously. So, it actually fits with his storyline. Especially, with the whole paternity chaos that he just faced. Theresa is perhaps the only stable thing in his life right now. Or so he believes. Because, unknown to him, Theresa is actually the one who shoved his whole life in a blender and blitzed it at full speed. You know, with the forged letter she and Konstantin put in Victor’s briefcase to install Alex as the heir.

But here’s the thing, Alex couldn’t care less about the money and wealth if it means throwing off his life completely on Days of Our Lives. Moreover, he actually had a good bond with his dad- Justin. Which he is now hellbent on ruining, thanks to his pseudo-Victor-isque behavior! So, it is quite possible that in true soap fashion, Alex may find out Theresa’s truth right at the wedding altar! And we are certain the wedding won’t take place after that!

DOOL/ Alex comforting Theresa

Alternatively, there is also a possibility that Alex could actually be dressed as the best man for another Days of Our Lives wedding. The latest spoilers say that Johnny is about to propose to Chanel for marriage soon. So maybe this is that! However, we are still leaning towards the whole Alex-Theresa expose! What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Tech Radar247 for more exciting Days of Our Lives updates and news!

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