June 17, 2024
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Days Of Our Lives Preview For The Week of January 15, 2024: Xander Finds Sarah’s Mystery Box, Brady-Theresa Kiss

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Xander-Sarah

Days of Our Lives has just dropped the preview video for the week of January 15, 2024, and it is full of soapy love! It appears that this week, DOOL viewers will have a big smile on their faces. Especially Xarah lovers! Meanwhile, Ericole shippers will have a field day with the mess Sloan makes at family dinner with Eric’s family. Interestingly, there is also a pleasantly surprising scene between Brady and Theresa. Keep reading to find out more about that!


Johnny Proposes To Chanel, Sarah Moves In With Xander

Chanel and Johnny are proving to be the poster babies for “true love prevails.” The two were married before, but after the whole devil possession stretch, they fell apart on Days of Our Lives. Several failed relationships later, the two of them have once again found their way back to each other. After all, they never did stop loving each other. Now that they are back together, Johnny wants to make it official. Thus, in the upcoming episodes, Chanel tells him to ask her properly. Which he perhaps does! So watch out for a romantic wedding proposal soon!

DOOL/ Johnny proposes to Chanel

Sarah and Xander fans have a lot to rejoice for during the week of January 15, 2024, on Days of Our Lives. As Sarah finally moves all her stuff into Xander’s apartment. While helping her with the stuff, Xander notices a mystery box. Sarah tries to keep it shut, calling it her “Xander Box.” As expected, Xander is moved and excited in equal parts by the info. He insists in the preview video that he must see the contents. The two then move in closer as passions erupt!

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady Kisses Theresa, Uncomfortable Family Dinners

Days of Our Lives preview video for the week of January 15, 2024, features a shocking kiss between Brady and Theresa! When Theresa had first returned to Salem, she had tried to rekindle a romance with Brady, but he had rejected the advances. Thus, she proceeded to give things a shot with Alex. The two have been together ever since. But now, given Tate’s legal troubles, Brady and Theresa have been spending a lot of time together. So, it is understandable that emotions are running high, and the two end up sharing a kiss. But how will Alex react to it when he finds out?

Days of Our Lives
DOOL/ Brady and Theresa come closer

In the upcoming Days of Our Lives episodes, Eric and Sloan have dinner with Marlena and John. A disturbed Sloan gets too drunk at the dinner and makes a fool of herself in front of everyone when she says some gibberish to Marlena. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Everett too, join Steve and Kayla for a family dinner. Everett brings flowers for them, and they all sit down for the meal. Steve asks Everett and Stephanie if they have started dating again. Do you think they will finally put a label on it? Stay tuned to Tech Radar247 to get more Days of Our Lives updates

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