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My Demon Episode 14: Seok-Min Will Be Exposed, Is Do-Hee Safe? What’s Next? WATCH HERE

As the K-drama approaches its end, it becomes more twisted and tangled with the web of lies. So far, it is believed that Cheon-seok has a heart of gold. But the preview of My Demon Episode 14 suggests she was as manipulative as her son, Seok-min, hinting at a new angle on Do-hee’s parents’ death. Is she behind their death? Did she kill them? Things are getting messier when the past takes a toll. And it will eventually reveal the reason behind Gu-won’s contract to protect Do-hee. Has he something to do with their death? Amid this, Do-hee’s fate remains in limbo after Seok-min has choked her to death. Will she die before learning the truth? Keep reading to know that.

My Demon Episode 14: Preview Hints At New Revelation & Betrayal

Seok-min finally reveals his nefarious motive, and now Do-hee fights to survive. She has been strangled by her uncle, who wants to end her life. However, Se-ra informs Gu-won about her husband’s sinister side. She also reveals that he is behind his mom and son’s death. She also tells the demon that Seok-min has been trying to kill Do-hee. After learning this news, Gu-won files a complaint against Seok-min. My Demon Episode 14 preview clip suggests that the investigation department will soon gather evidence against Seok-min, thanks to his wife.

She will play the witness and provide all the evidence that her son has gathered. It will be enough to send Seok-min behind bars. As soon as the news surfaces, Soo-an learns that her brother has killed her mom. She will be devastated by this news. But it remains unclear whether Do-hee survived the attack. Meanwhile, My Demon Episode 14 suggests that the demon will seek Se-ra’s help to unearth the mystery behind Do-hee’s parents’ demise. While she lies that her husband has killed them, the preview clip suggests it was Cheon-seok who tried to kill Do-hee’s parents to save her company.

A Quick Recap!

My Demon Episode 13 began with Cheon-sook’s confession. She blamed herself for Do-hee’s parents’ demise. Meanwhile, Gu-won took Do-hee to his office, where they had some sweet moments. He also displayed magical fireflies, vowing to protect Do-hee. He didn’t want to end this relationship like his past one. The couple then returned home and continued their romance. However, something triggered Do-hee that changed the mood. The demon later learned that her family had abandoned her after Cheon-sook’s death. The following day, Seok-min made some changes to the office and ignored Cheon-sook’s safety rules.

My Demon Episode 14
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Meanwhile, his wife couldn’t move on from her son’s death and relied on sleeping pills. Gu-won and Do-hee planned to spend Christmas together, while Ga-young decided to move on from the demon. Everything was going smoothly. Even Bok-gyu and Da-jeong’s relationship bloomed secretly. But Seok-min’s dinner invitation changed everything. Although he asked Do-hee to come over as he wanted to amend family bonds, he later demanded shares. After she rejected it, Seok-min revealed the truth about her parents’ death.

My Demon Episode 14: Release Date

The upcoming episode will showcase Do-hee’s reaction. Will she support the demon, or will she leave him forever? You will learn it on My Demon Episode 14, which will air on January 13, 2024, at 10 pm KST. The all-new episodes air every Friday and Saturday night on the local Korean network SBS. Meanwhile, the global audience can catch it on Netflix, which has held the #4 position on the Netflix Global Top Ten charts for almost seven weeks. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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